The Senor and I live in Port Orchard, WA but are both originally from California. I am semi retired, I prefer that statement to working part-time. We began snow birding to Zihuatanejo, Mexico at first 1 week then 2 weeks , then a month and now 3 months. I love Mexico, the weather, the people, the especially the differences in culture and everyday life. We are not the out to dinner every type people, we are on a budget and we LIVE here for three months so that includes cooking and eating at our apartment.

We are also RV campers and I find my self blogging when ever we travel. It was originally to keep friends and family informed, now I think it is mostly for my own pleasure, although the kids say they do read my blogs but the Senor, never. I appreciate all comments from readers near and far.

One of my granddaughters encouraged me to write down some of the family stories I would tell. I have begun to do that and share with the family on appropriate or sometimes inappropriate times.

3 thoughts on “About”

  1. I enthusiastically read and look forward to your blog last year and now this year again. I am coming to Z in two weeks. Please let me know which ladies you use for sewing alterations and where are they located? I have a project I would like completed while I am there.


    1. Hi Sharon,The sewing ladies shop is called Delphi it is at the corner of Cuautemoc and Gonzales, I think that’s correct and if not I’ll get back to you. I’ve had them add straps to several things I’ve bought as I can’t do strapless and also bought a dress from them. They do good work and are very nice. I don’t thnik any of them speak any english. KO


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