Fun in the sun at Playa La Gattas

This season in the sun is about to come to its conclusion. It’s about time to return home

to Port Orchard, WA. To our cat Denzel, and our 28 chickens, and rain. In future years I have hopes of staying longer, at least thru April.  But this year I have a busy agenda, 5 days after we get home I’m off to California to move my sister to Port Orchard where she will have family around to help as needed. First week in May I head to Bozeman Montana to see my oldest granddaughter graduate from Montana State.  Very proud of her as she has accomplished  this all on her own. And the end of May it off to Casper Wyoming to see another granddaughter graduate from High School and head off to Nebraska for college.

This is a time of saying good-bye to our Zihuatanejo friends, but knowing it is just a temporary good-bye makes it easier, as most of us will return by late fall. There are so many Zihuatanejo things I will miss, the early morning calls of the vendors moving through the streets, fresh mangos and little bananas, warm evenings and never needing a wrap. Sunrises and sun sets.

I will miss swimming daily at the community pool, at

Escollera and the beach. But most of all I will miss 86 and sunny most nearly every day and the friendly people.

So this is most likely the last blog of the season. Next year I have high hopes of a better camera and better skills in getting the pictures from the camera to the computer which I have had “mucho problemas” with this year. Signing off KO


We are down to our last week to enjoy Zihuatanejo. I know for many that is the entire vacation  time they have. It was that way for us once, but now that we are retired we find no need to have winter in our lives and choose to spend that season in the warmth, sunshine and friendliness of Zihuatanejo. Staying as long as we do also means that we have accumulated much “stuff” that make  our apartment homelike. Storage has always an issue, but our current apartment manager has been accommodating and  has stored our 5 crates in his store-room.

But this year is different as we are changing apartments and renting it full-time.  In

We are the first floor apartment

December when we made our arrangements with the new apartment our idea had been to start our rent in March and slowly move our stuff over and get the new items we would need and be all set up for our return in November. But the land lord had  already had a commitment for March and April, so that didn’t work. Now the issue of storage really became a problem until our good friend and upstairs neighbor said she could store our boxes until our return. So problem solved, there is exactly enough space to store our now 6 storage boxes.

Our job this last week to pack so none are too heavy and nothing breaks and make sure we are in sync with the young man who will do the lifting and trotting them down 3 flights of stairs and then up one flight of stairs and stowing them on an over head shelf.

We have been 10 years in this one spot and really loved central location. We won’t miss the music and noise from the all night bars that spew drunks onto the streets at 5:30 AM. We won’t miss the clanging of metal weights from the gym across the street, especially now that they have expanded to their roof top which is eye level with our balcony.  We won’t miss the announcer from the Zocolo always calling for “aplauso, aplauso” after every performer and the high-pitched voice of the kids clown. The noise from the Zocolo funnels right down our street, at times its pleasant other times just annoying and I spend a great deal of evening time on the balcony.

Baby dove in coconut palm

We will miss the friendly neighbors in our building. We’ll miss  watching the humming birds flit between the two feeders that are on each side of our pedestrian street, watching them balance at the very tippy top of a palm frond ‘ll miss seeing baby doves nested in the coconut palms. We already miss the view of the bay we had before the row of palm trees were planted down the middle of the street and grew so tall to just about block the entire bay view. We will miss the frequent evening gatherings downstairs at Javiers when a couple of guitars come out.

There are lots to miss but much to look forward to. Our new apartment has a great kitchen area, a separate large bedroom, only one flight of stairs and a nice balcony. It is situatedIMG_0577 so that the breeze from the bay blows through the apartment keeping it quite cool and comfortable.  We are still just a block and IMG_0578

1/2 off the bay and a block and a half from our old apartment.  And most importantly we can choose to furnish and decorate it as we please. Life will be good! Signing off KO


Mexico is loud, vibrant and colorful! From the candy carts to the food that is served, from the flowers and trees to the colorful dress there is color everywhere.

Candy cart

There is music everywhere, soft guitar music played by the many s

Banana tree in full bloom

trolling musicians. The loud, ruckus music(?) blaring from some of the all night bars and some  quality old rock and roll and blues played by both gringo and mexican. And then of course there is a fellow who strolls around with his very poor quality amplified speaker mounted on a tall tripod and sings to the music from it.  It’s awful.

Zihuatanejo has many beautiful bronze statues placed around the El Centro area, but this is not one of them.  I

Two space aliens ?????

don’t know what it is suposed to represent, but it looks to me like two space aliens, I keep expecing some one to paint some slitty eyes on them.  And more over  they were constructed where a very funcional bus stop used to be.

Walking around town there are murals, flowers and beautiful trees full of little berries. No matter where you look there is color.

Tree full of little colorful berries
Color at the Saturday Market

There is now color on the tomato farm! Our planter box tomato farm which we started from seeds early December is now providing us with lovely ripe red tomatoes. Signing off KO


I’m fortunate that my birthday falls in February so that I get to celebrate my birthday

ko b day 1
That’s a cucumber daiquiri I’m enjoying

with our many friends here is Zihuatanejo. We opted to go again to Sr. Pintos again for the celebration as it is not only a beautifully decorated place with with a running waterfall and a mayan pyramid.  The large are in the back lends itself to a large group rather well. There were 20 some in our group and still plenty of room for regular diners both up front and in the back area

ko b day
Doyle and I with the lovely songstress

with out any crowding. The menu is interesting and with lots of different choices, the Senior had some very meaty ribs and  I had blackened catfish. The lighting is soft, so soft it’s difficult to read the menu with out additional light, ( cell phone flashlights sure come in handy)

Stefania the lovely daughter of the owners, has the voice of an angel. She  sang not only Happy Birthday, but sang When Irish Eyes are Smiling and several more popular tunes.  Quite the treat!

The cake was the luscious Tres Leches from the “Pink” bakery on Vicente Guerrero, the most moist cake ever created. Thank you to all my friends for making my birthday special. Signing off KO20180226_210724.jpg



Last minute plans last Friday had us heading out to Ixtapa Island or as it is also called Isla Grande. Our friends were getting a ride to the beach at Playa Linda and then the boat from Paraiso Escondio was to pick them up as a mobility issue makes the water taxi an impossibility.  We were to take the bus and then the water taxi and meet them at Paraiso Escondio.  The water was really choppy, the most I had ever seen it and boarding the water taxi was not easy, but since you are stepping down into the boat and with a couple of strong young men to help it’s do able. But getting  off  on the other side  is a whole different thing, you have to step up on the side of the boat, then step up again to the pier steps while the boat is rocking back and forth and up and down. The young men are there to pull you up, but they have no understanding that my knees don’t work quite like normal and for a minute I thought about just bailing out and swimming for the beach. I did manage to get on the pier but was quite sure I was going to fall backwards for a minute. I’ll be interested in what my knee doctor has to say about what more I can do to improve  the range of motion in this  second artificial knee or am I just stuck like this

The Senior and Friends

Has a lovely day, sun in the sky, feet in the sand, drink in the hand good food, good company to visit with and a warm ocean to swim in.  It just doesn’t get much better than that.

Beach Sangria

The way back was much easier as we rode back to Playa Linda with our friends in the restaurant’s boat, which pulls right up on the sand making it easy to hop in and same thing on the other side just swing your legs over the side and wade on in.

We always like t visit the crocodrillo sanctuary  that also includes many birds, turtles and iguanas. Signing off KO




I had almost forgot about all the little things you see by walking around /zihuatanejo.  Due to my recent knee replacement my doctor said get plenty of rest, no cooking no cleaning, and no walking. So except for the cooking and cleaning I’ve pretty much obeyed doctors orders, But it is now 3 months since the replacement and I should be healed and I am walking again. I walked back from the swimming pool the other day and then walked from el Centro all the way down calle Adelita and once again I am amazed at all the little things you take time to notice when you are walking.  How much you miss if you always take the bus or taxi.

The Senor has difficulties walking these days, between sciatica and neuropathy in one foot he just can’t walk much without needing to stop and rest. So that makes me a solo walker, but that’s OK I can choose my own path and pace and marvel at some of Mexico’s little treasures. 20180215_135739.jpgOn calle Adelita I discovered this beautiful stone wall, the simplicity of it is amazing. It is basically a tall cage about 8 ft or so and about 8-10 feet wide and about a foot deep. It is made of a metal framework in about 1-2 foot squares backed by sturdy woven wire. The inside of this cage is filled with loose stones. No mortar necessary. But it makes a beautiful, and extremely strong and durable wall. 20180215_135422.jpg





Just before the bridge to the La Madera side there is this young boy, 10 ish helping his mother at their gift and coconut stand. What caught my eye is this young man is swinging a machete to cut the coconuts while his mother set their wares out on the table. Now I know that it is not that uncommon here, but at home 10 year olds have mothers hovering over them when they use sharp scissors.







You see hammock every where, on balconies, back rooms of shops, babies are rocked in them so moms can work. Even little kittens have hammocks to relax in.  If I ever have another kitten I will make sure it has a hammock. Signing off KO


The Senor likes to fish and he isn’t particular about what kind of fish, he just likes to fish. Fortunately at home we live on a small lake which our community stocks with trout each spring. That keeps him quite happy for a good part of the summer, and we are close to good crabbing areas which he also enjoys.  This is good for me to as I am basically a “fishatarian”, I don’t eat meat. So this is a win win proposition for both of us.

20180213_104728.jpgIn Zihuatanejo where the fish is so plentiful, I’m  in hog heaven, but is a little costly to go fishing here. But a couple of days ago he found a fishing partner and the plan was to “go for a boat ride” that way if they get skunked their is no disappointment. Well that’s the idea anyway. While Paul and the Senor were fishing Faye and I were going to shop in Ixtapa. The first stop was the Ixtapa Marina for breakfast. This is our second breakfast at  Fishers and we knew exactly what we were going for, this lovely breakfast cocktail called a Pepillin and this fantastic emanada dish of eggs, poblano peppers, cheese all done up in this wonderful sauce. Of course this is complete with a view of millionaires yachts docked at the marina. Lovely way to start the day. We did our shopped at several stores, but the Mic-Mac shop was the favorite we we both found more things we wanted than we had money.20180213_113819.jpg

Before we were done with breakfast a call came on my cell phone that the boat ride had turned into a fishing trip after all.

The Senor with his dorado

The Senor had landed a rather large Dorado. It ended up the only fish of the trip but the had a great day on the water and I have a freezer full of dorado. Several years prior the Senior had caught a sail fish, and now his dorado,  and what is this word, marlin I keep hearing now.   Signing off KO