I had almost forgot about all the little things you see by walking around /zihuatanejo.  Due to my recent knee replacement my doctor said get plenty of rest, no cooking no cleaning, and no walking. So except for the cooking and cleaning I’ve pretty much obeyed doctors orders, But it is now 3 months since the replacement and I should be healed and I am walking again. I walked back from the swimming pool the other day and then walked from el Centro all the way down calle Adelita and once again I am amazed at all the little things you take time to notice when you are walking.  How much you miss if you always take the bus or taxi.

The Senor has difficulties walking these days, between sciatica and neuropathy in one foot he just can’t walk much without needing to stop and rest. So that makes me a solo walker, but that’s OK I can choose my own path and pace and marvel at some of Mexico’s little treasures. 20180215_135739.jpgOn calle Adelita I discovered this beautiful stone wall, the simplicity of it is amazing. It is basically a tall cage about 8 ft or so and about 8-10 feet wide and about a foot deep. It is made of a metal framework in about 1-2 foot squares backed by sturdy woven wire. The inside of this cage is filled with loose stones. No mortar necessary. But it makes a beautiful, and extremely strong and durable wall. 20180215_135422.jpg





Just before the bridge to the La Madera side there is this young boy, 10 ish helping his mother at their gift and coconut stand. What caught my eye is this young man is swinging a machete to cut the coconuts while his mother set their wares out on the table. Now I know that it is not that uncommon here, but at home 10 year olds have mothers hovering over them when they use sharp scissors.







You see hammock every where, on balconies, back rooms of shops, babies are rocked in them so moms can work. Even little kittens have hammocks to relax in.  If I ever have another kitten I will make sure it has a hammock. Signing off KO


The Senor likes to fish and he isn’t particular about what kind of fish, he just likes to fish. Fortunately at home we live on a small lake which our community stocks with trout each spring. That keeps him quite happy for a good part of the summer, and we are close to good crabbing areas which he also enjoys.  This is good for me to as I am basically a “fishatarian”, I don’t eat meat. So this is a win win proposition for both of us.

20180213_104728.jpgIn Zihuatanejo where the fish is so plentiful, I’m  in hog heaven, but is a little costly to go fishing here. But a couple of days ago he found a fishing partner and the plan was to “go for a boat ride” that way if they get skunked their is no disappointment. Well that’s the idea anyway. While Paul and the Senor were fishing Faye and I were going to shop in Ixtapa. The first stop was the Ixtapa Marina for breakfast. This is our second breakfast at  Fishers and we knew exactly what we were going for, this lovely breakfast cocktail called a Pepillin and this fantastic emanada dish of eggs, poblano peppers, cheese all done up in this wonderful sauce. Of course this is complete with a view of millionaires yachts docked at the marina. Lovely way to start the day. We did our shopped at several stores, but the Mic-Mac shop was the favorite we we both found more things we wanted than we had money.20180213_113819.jpg

Before we were done with breakfast a call came on my cell phone that the boat ride had turned into a fishing trip after all.

The Senor with his dorado

The Senor had landed a rather large Dorado. It ended up the only fish of the trip but the had a great day on the water and I have a freezer full of dorado. Several years prior the Senior had caught a sail fish, and now his dorado,  and what is this word, marlin I keep hearing now.   Signing off KO






Sailfest is a fun week of activities that are planned for the purpose of raising money to benefit the poorest children in Zihuatanejo. But we the visitors to Zihuatanejo benefit greatly while supporting this worthy cause by having a “hell of a good time”. I busied my self with a few shifts of selling t-shirts, raffle tickets and event tickets and sailboat cruises and adventures.

Sailfest begins with a welcome dance that was so hugely attended it filled two waterfront restaurants, while folks danced in the sand to Expressions Inmune, a wonderful local Mexican band that has been supporting Sailfest for several years playing good old rock n roll. While the crowd is primarily grey, this was not a sedated group listening politely to the music. No it was more like  a bunch of grey haired teenagers dancing and bopping  to the music they have loved for so long.

Tuesday night brought us the M-Dock concert, another band who has been coming to Zihuatanejo to promote Sailfest since its inception. Their warm up band was another local Mexican band that was most excellent and got everybody warmed up dancing, and M-Dock kept the dance floor full the whole night. There were plenty of drinks and food available, a good time was had by all, except maybe me as I had severely pulled a leg muscle and was hobbling around on a cane. No dancing for me this year.

Wednesday is a crowd favorite with the chili cook off and silent auction where the food was hot and the bidding hotter. I did manage to score a few dinner certificates . So now the Senor will now have to take me out to eat.

Thursday is rally round the rock, a sailboat race out of the bay and around the rock and return.  I have yet not seen or participated in this event. But I think I want to participate in it next year.

Friday was the Gala Dinner at El Mediterraneo, a lovely restaurant the dinner was quite nice, the company was good, but my personal opinion I’m done going to these big dinners where you have a choice of one of two items. If I’m going to eat out and pay for my meal I want to order off the menu. I”ll find plenty of other ways to support Sailfest.

Saturday was the Sail Parade out around the bay then out to Ixtapa to pay respects to the port captain, then each boat is on its own to do as the group chooses.  We headed to Ixtapa Island, moored out away then most of us jumped in to swim in the salty brine. You just can’t help but float, my feet just bob up to the top.

Monday the volunteers were treated to a party at Gloria’s lovely Las Palmas residence. The weather was fantastic, the food and drink plentiful, the music was good, the pool a pure pleasure, at times it looked like standing room only as everyone walked around with a drink in their hand.

Sailfest is done for this year, I’m sure it was quite profitable, every year seems to outdo the previous. I had a great time and look forward to volunteering, and participating. It’s the least I can do for this lovely community I am lucky enough to live in 4 months of the year.  Signing off KO



Since I lap swim pretty much 5 days a week I though It would be great to kayak on Sundays. Living on a lake and near Puget Sound I have a little background in kayaking and a friend and I earlier kayaked to Las Gattas for the day. Paddling a kayak is the easy part , for me the getting in and out is the difficult part. At home Puget Sound is about 45 degrees, even in the summer.   In Mexico  the water is warm about 82 degrees and a water launch is no problem.  I arrived at La Madera Beach about 9:30, earlier than the kayak people.  But they soon came and I struck my deal of an hour and a half for 200 pesos.

The beach at La Maderqa

I pushed the kayak into the water and climbed in, not very gracefully, but only wet to my knees.  Timed the waves just right and paddled right over them and I was on my way.  (I’ll admit these were just little breakers)

My plan was to cross over to the clear green water along the path to Las Gattas hope fully to see some under water life. Either the water was too deep, or underwater life not cooperative as I didn’t see anything special there. But that’s OK as it is only the

The clear green water along the path to Las Gattas

destination and the trip was marvelous.  Saw only one kayak on the way over and waved to the family of 4 enjoying their outing. Enjoyed the quite on the water, watching birds circle, loving the warm air and the cooling breeze, and singing old camp canoeing songs to myself.  Perfectly wonderful, peaceful way to spend a morning.

I was quite proud of my return beach landing, but I now realize coming clear on to the beach is not the best for me. The kayak is on the beach with me swinging  my legs over one side and a 10 year old “muchacho” holding out his hand to help me stand up.  Little does he know that this is almost an impossibility for me to get from a crouched position to a standing position with less than 2 men and a small boy pulling. While he tried valiantly several times I simply can not get my knees to cooperate. (Now it’s real easy to blame everything on my 2 artificial knees, but I think I need to do some serious working on leg muscles.) Now two ladies of similar age of me recognized the difficulties I was having and came to the rescue and after many more tries with the three of them I finally got to my feet. I think in  future trips I simple need to get off the kayak in waist deep water and walk the kayak to shore.  (That won’t work in Puget Sound, but there I usually kayak with a group or maybe I need a wet suit so I can solo)

After a quick lunch at La Madera I walked up to the mercado to get a few things needed for the next day and quickly returned to our apartment to shower and head out to do my shift at the Sailfest Desk. A common fault of mine is crowding too much into too small of a time period which leaves me rushing.  I did my 4 hour shift, mostly sitting and when I got up I could hardly walk. I had done some serious pulling or stretching of muscles trying  to haul myself up out of that kayak. Hobbled back to the apartment decided that a bottle of wine an some movie watching was it for me. The next morning was worse, no dancing for me tonight at the Sailfest Welcome party. Signing off KO



A few days ago our microwave died while I was cooking some bacon.  I finished frying it up in the fry pan, but we far prefer microwave bacon and believe it is healthier than frying. (That’s kind of an oxymoron as we all know bacon isn’t really a healthy food.)  In our apartment building the process for getting repairs done is you let the manager, Javier know the issue, he calls Arturo the owner and you hope Arturo isn’t too busy with his many other projects to take care of your issue.

We were in luck, Arturo came later that day checked out the microwave.  After checking it out his comment was  “no trabajando  taking  it to technician.” And I’m thinking only in Mexico would one think of fixing a microwave and even know where to find a microwave tech. I’m also thinking that’s the last we will see of it or any microwave, as my assumption is it would take weeks for the technician to fix it, if it was even fixable. And since we aren’t returning to the same apartment building next year they would be in no hurry to purchase a new one this late in the season.

Some times it is really nice to be 100% wrong!  The very next afternoon when we returned to our apartment to find the microwave sitting at our door step all fixed. We have been in this apartment for at least 10 years and once before our microwave malfunctioned just as we were ending our stay in Mexico, the next year  the microwave

Back repaired!

was the one we have now. I don’t know if that other one was also fixed and ended up in different apartment as stuff does move from one place to another. I am a believer, anything can be repaired in Mexico.

Back in the states we would have thrown it out and headed to Walmart for another $69 microwave. No way could it have been repaired. Even if there was a microwave tech his labor costs would be $100 an hour plus parts.  Makes one wonder why we have become such a throw away society. But we are just happy to be able to continue “nukeing” our bacon. Signing off KO


How we all go on bragging about sunny Mexico.  My standard phrase to my friends back home is “86 and sunny every day”.  Evening sail boat cruises and roof top parties have been in the planning for weeks as we get excited about this fantastic full, blue moon event and with an eclipse no less. And here we are in prime viewing area. So what does Mother Nature do?  She decides to mess with us a bit and sends Zihuatanejo clouds! Heavy thick clouds all day long, even the temperature was low, probably never got above 80 all day. Well maybe it will clear up a bit at night. Well, no that didn’t happen either

But somehow it didn’t dampen the party spirit and as we set out for the particular rooftop we were headed for as  one of our group remarked “maybe I should have brought something to cover my shoulders later”.  Almost unheard of needing any sort of a wrap at night. The food that folks brought was delicious and abundant, the company was jovial and the view  of the bay and the town was extraordinary. But  only the briefest glimpse of the fickle moon through a tiny parting of clouds. Quite the sense of humor Mom Nature, not funny.  Signing off KO

Bollos, The Mexican Staple

We have been coming to Mexico for 15 years, 13 of them to Zihuatanejo and just this year the Senior has  discovered bollos, that wonderful mexican bun that just breaks apart down the middle.  You see ladies with their white plastic tables all over town filling these  marvelous buns with all kinds of interesting ingredients for sale. Every day the “bollo man” comes by calling out “boy yee os” as he walks through the streets with a large flat basket on his head. I have mentioned before the Senor is not big on trying new things, especially new foods.  I’m just the opposite I prefer to order something on a menu that I have never had or heard of before, where the Senor sticks to hamburgers and steaks and then remarks that the steaks here just aren’t as good as at home.  Which is true for the most part. But I digress from the subject at hand.

The Senor first discovered bollos at Christmas Dinner friends had prepared. He then discovered he could purchase20180129_195957.jpg them  in a bakery around the corner and brought back a bag of them still warm from the oven only to discover they don’t stay fresh for days on end.  This is not Wonderbread!  It is a pure product, not chocked full of preservatives and unpronounceable chemicals. And there is no need to buy a bag of them as you can buy them fresh, everyday and just buy exactly what you need for that day as the Bollo Man will be back again in the morning singing his call. For a mere 5 pesos ( 25 cents) you get a fresh, warm bollo hand delivered to your door. What’s not to love about Mexico! Signing off  KO