The cutest birthday party ever took place at the Beauty Salon across from Eloinia’s Bar at the Fish Therapy Salon. I once had a pedicure done there by hungry little fish. These cuties were having such fun at a “spa” birthday party getting their manicures and pedicures all in their spa pink robes.

Snacks while waiting their turn

I have the pleasure of celebrating my birthday during my time in Mexico each year. I’m am so fortunate to be in this wonderful place with good friends new and old. I’m so thankful that I am physically able to still enjoy life to it’s fullest, have new experiences and am looking forward to “keeping on”. Since none of us know our “pull date”, I believe it is important to go, do, see and enjoy every aspect life has to offer you.

Best candle ever

My Christmas poinsettias are thriving, lots of new growth, but my fern tree is not. I know I’ve had some issues with it and cats. But I thought that problem was resolved, I’m just not sure how best to take care of it, how much water it needs and how often. But it’s growing, just not looking lush like so many do. Any suggestions?

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The Good and the Bad in the Ugly Season of Covid

I am enjoying the smaller crowds and folks being spaced apart at the beaches and restaurants. But my heart goes out to those who have lost their jobs or have had their wages reduced as a result. Right now Zihuatanejo has moved back to “red” until the numbers drop. Every bar is closed up tight, eliminating more jobs, beaches are closed at night. They say masks are mandatory but while most folks wear them, some don’t, and I don’t see any signs of enforcement.

Plenty of “enforcers”, but little enforcement

Sailfest made a valiant effort to spread some fun and raise money, but it was a very scaled down version of all the usual fun activities. The organizers did find clever ways to do it both virtually and visibly. Kudos to them.

Masks are an entire subject of theirs own. I wear a mask faithfully, I believe in the protection they provide. But wearing a mask when walking or hiking of any distance, I find miserable. I have a bit of trouble breathing and find my self gasping for air like a fish out of water. My mask becomes drippy wet from perspiration, clammy and uncomfortable. But still I wear it and carry a spare. The down side of wearing the mask is I don’t drink as much water as I should as I’m no longer carrying a water bottle to sip along the way. And I sure miss strolling through the streets of Zihuatanejo with an ice cream cone, I really miss that.

What I don’t miss at all are the sidewalks being tented over to form a stuffy, crowded temporary bazaars to sell tacky stuff around 3 Kings and Valentines Days.

What I miss most is friends that didn’t feel comfortable traveling this year and Canadian friends that are leaving much earlier than planned to avoid the possibilities of the high cost of government fines or enforced quarantines.

My favorite view of Zihuatanejo

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Thursday Is Pazole Day in Zihuatanejo

Now if you only serve one dish and you are only open 1 day a week and week after week you pack the joint you must be doing it the very best And Santa Prisca does.

I’ve liked pazole since the very first time I had it at “Any’s” 15 years ago. I have had it in several places in Zihuatanejo and always enjoy it but for the best pazole experience one needs to go to Santa Priscilla Pozoleria. It is only open on Thursdays, and only serves pazole and a few sides. But I consider it a must do and convinced a couple of friends that they needed to do this with me as they had never been.

The menu

For those who are unaware of pazole, it is a homony based soup or stew with either pork or chicken and you order it red, white or green which relates to the broths flavoring. We all had the green and ordered a plater of mixed botanas. Of course ended up with way more food than the three of us could consume. Top it off with a couple of margaritas and great music from Zihua Juanito and it was a perfect day.

Zihua Juanito
Bonny & Greta

Since we all overindulged on the food we decided to walk back to El Centro we knew we were just a block off “the yellow brick road” (more commonly known as the new bike path.) but it just keeps calling us back and knew it would take us safely home.

Even though I was really impressed with their “social distancing” with only a quarter of the useable tables out I would still suggest reservations as it is so popular with the locals. Yesterday we were the only gringos there. But they were doing a big “take out” business. I hope you go and enjoy a unique Zihuatanejo experience.

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Zihuatanejo life

I have been happily busy of late. Eating, swimming, and have even learned to play a board game. Friend and chef Tonio Diaz catered a fantastic Mexican dinner for a group of us at Casa Roja where friends are staying this year. The food was fantastic, the company great and the view to die for. I highly recommend Chef Tonio and Casa Roja.

Couple of nights later a group of us enjoyed an excellent dinner at Casa Bahia again with that gorgeous view.

I’ve almost become a regular at Playa Madera this year and have even acquired a bit of a tan. Well tan for me is more of a light beige. But none the less I have been getting large quantities of vitamin D. Even in these restricted times there are the strolling musicians but I must admit I never expected to see and hear a harp on the beach, it is just heavenly.

Heavenly harp music on the beach

Speaking of musicians, these two brothers are among some Zihuatanejo’s finest professional musicians. But here they play for the pure enjoyment of watching this tiny tot dance when they start to play. She stops when they stop and starts again when the music begins. I’m not sure who was enjoying this encounter more.

Dance to the music

Progress along Zihuatanejo’s waterfront is moving at a snail’s pace. Change is difficult to adapt to especially as many of us saw no need for this massive redo. At this point the entire waterfront is torn up from the museum to where the fishermen are. Not one segment of it has been completed. Some how it strikes me that if they would complete some part of it and show that the end product is going to be truly lovely, it might ease a lot of minds. Right now it is all just an ugly mess where beauty once was.

Had lunch with friends at Hotel Irma. On the walk to the hotel this crane posed for me on a pipe crossing over the canal. Hotel Irma has a Cavellina tree, one of two that I know of in Zihuatanejo. One can watch this fascinating tree’s blossoms slowly open at night, producing a bottle brush type bloom in bright pink. The other is on Calle Adelita by the bridge.

Zihuatanejo has moved back to Corona virus “red” warning from now until Feb 14. Most likely due to the long Christmas holiday that brought in folks from all over Mexico. This red designation limits the occupancy of hotels, restaurants, pools to 25% occupancy, beaches must close at 5. Masks are required. Bars are supposed to be closed. Still I feel just as safe here as I would be at home. I eat better here, get more fresh air and am more active all which boosts my personal immune system. So happy I decided to come. To enlarge pictures just tap them. Signing off KO

Following the Yellow Brick Road

The newly complicated bike path has beckoned us like “the yellow brick road”. I frequently have walked on it to Soriana’s and one day asked where it ends and was told Ixtapa. Challenge was on, other friends had done the walk and survived so I rounded up my adventurous friend Bonny and suggested we do this and she agreed (with a barely audible groan.)

We had heard it was a 5 mile walk. Now I am no spring chicken, but Bonny is several years younger than me. We figured it was a challenge, but one that we were up to.

The turn to Ixtapa

We started off early Tuesday morning, 7:00 am and expected to arrive in Ixtapa about 9:30. Weather was pleasantly cool at that hour of the day. I did need Bonny to walk at my pace, but we chatted on and it what seemed like minutes came to the place where the path heads left to Ixtapa instead of straight to Soriana’s. I had no idea what parts Zihuatanejo this path would take us but soon we crossed the main road where we could see the statues of the 4 ladies and knew where we were.

The 4 ladies

That was the last time we knew where we were until we spotted the new high school high on the hill overlooking the highway. Along the way we walked through Mexican neighborhoods where we were not only the only gringos, but the only ones using masks, watched a young lady doing her wash on a stone in a trickle of a creek. Saw a beautiful spread of purple and white morning glories but soon we were in a tunnel and going under the highway and approaching “THE HILL”.

Wash day
Morning glories

The hill had been our concern as it is long and quite steep, and by this time it was about 8 O’clock.

Going under the highway
One rest stop on the hill
Me approaching the crest of the hill
The lovely view of Ixtapa

To our surprise the hill wasn’t bad, we just put one foot in front of the other, stoped only once for a breather and soon were at the top. We stopped to take a picture of 3 Mexican girls doing it on bicycles, used their camera so all 3 could be in the picture and we headed down to Ixtapa. It’s a lovely trip down to Ixtapa and finally we were on flat ground.

Starting the long walk through Ixtapa

But I swear we walked 2 miles (or at least it seamed like it) through the back residential area of Ixtapa before our path brought us to the “Los Patios” area. That was the longest part of the trip. By this time we knew we had been walking for a couple of hours up and down hills and the body was reminding us of that fact.

But here it was 9:26 and we are at Deborah’s ordering the largest breakfast they had. After breakfast we wandered through some of the stores congratulated ourselves with Margaritas at Zorros and finally went to my favorite store when it opened. I went in to buy a blouse and came out with a dress instead and across the way I bought two hats and Bonny found a gift for a friend.

Combi’s looked empty so we took a combi back to Zihuatanejo and were home by one ish. I will admit to having my knees remind me every time I get up from a sitting position that I gave them a real work out today.

It was a great adventure, it’s great to have friends like Bonny to adventure with. Signing off KO

A little bit of this, a little bit of that

I’ve been both busy and lazy. Doing quite a bit of reading, with American Dirt being the stand out book of the season. Currently reading Mitchner’s Poland, almost took much history and war to wade through but interesting all the same as I have never known much about Poland and I have a very special Polish friend.

I’ve been doing the majority of my beach time at Playa La Madera. I’m always amazed when people think it is OK to place their towels on the only available beach lounges at 9 am but not come to sit on them still 1:00 or maybe not at all. Further more it amazes me that the restaurant owners allow it. Watched several days where all lounges were occupied by towels only and possible patrons by passed the restaurant as no place to sit.

Pet peeve, towels reserving chairs for people who come very much later if at all

The music scene in Zihuatanejo still exists, Jimi Mamou at Daniels, Steve’s Friendz at Rossy’s, Solo Tres on Wednesday afternoons, weekend dancing at Baracruda for those who don’t mind waiting until 9:30 to start, Jose Louis Cabo at La Canta de Las Sirenas on Mondays, early for the gringos and others here and there that I haven’t quite caught up with.

My Christmas poinsettias are thriving, but I found it necessary to give them a bath last week. As they live on my balcony which over looks a busy street I discovered their leaves were covered in dust and dirt, coming from rain country I’m not used to dirty plants.

Have had the Poinsettias since November 30, that’s my friend “Pidge” who I have lovely morning conversations with. This is what happens when you live alone.

Signing off KO


I don’t believe there has ever been a year more anticipated and more welcome than 2021. Like we all thought everything would miraculously right itself over night. We knew it wouldn’t be overnight but we sure hope and pray for some real changes to be on the way.

The only changes I can be certain about are the changes I can do myself. I have become a bit lazy, watching too many movies, binge watching seasons of shows and reading late into the night. So New Year’s day I did my own version of a “polar bear plunge” and took myself to Playa Madera at sunrise to do my first swim of the year, well it was just after sunrise, 7:00AM and the water was as warm as a bathtub. I guess the real challenge here was just getting to the beach that early.

Playa Madera New Years Morning

Today I walked my laundry up to the “Lavanderia” at the Kyoto Circle and then continued on to Mega Soriana with my cart to pick up a few supplies. The walk is lovely along the “Parque Lineal”, dotted with playground equipment, benches and lovely plantings. Seeing this lovely long park gives me hope that something as inviting as this will be created along the waterfront. I probably should have walked back also, but walking with a mask on challenges my breathing so I wimped out and took a cab back.

Parque Lineal

My next improvement project is trying to out smart a little black cat that has decided that my potted plant on my balcony should be his person toilet. The plant is surviving, but not thriving and I think black kitty has something to do with this. I found a few rocks and put them in the planter and added wire scrubbing pads. I assume this will not be pleasant for him to try to dig and scratch in. This isn’t exactly a concrete jungle around here there are several nice dirt patches down the alley he avail himself of.

Anti cat devices

Signing off KO

Things I Like and Things I Don’t Like

There are so many things to love about Zihuatanejo and most of them are the little things, that which add the spice to ones life. I love little bananas, and an unexpected breakfast guest. Sunsets, beautiful beaches, but best of all I like seeing a “baby day being born” each morning over Zihuatanejo Bay.

I love trying new things and places, like avocado pie along with a dish of ice cream at Casanovas. Shrimp anyway it is fixed, beautiful statues, sun on my face in the morning, sleeping babies, Christmas lights and a fisherman with a big fish.

I don’t like mosquitos, especially the little sneaky ones here that either make no sound or do it in Spanish which I don’t hear. I don’t like going to a beach restaurant early in the morning to find all 6 lounge chairs occupied by towels owned by people who may show up in an hour or two. I find it difficult taking long walks while wearing a mask. I start breathing like a fish out of water. Also I don’t carry and use a water bottle like I used to, sipping along the way. But I do believe in the “power of masks”.

Ok so much for the rants, occasionally one just has to vent. I really do love life in Zihuatanejo with all it’s quirks.

Signing off, KO

Early Morning in Zihuatanejo

Weekends fill up with bus loads of Mexican tourists looking for warmer weather and a fun time at the beach. They come in large family groups, pay little attention to social distancing and frequently don’t wear masks or wear them improperly. It’s a good time for me to stick close to home and stay away from heavily frequented areas.

So very early Saturday morning, before most people are up I took a walk at first daylight. I wanted to see the Christmas display at the Kyoto Circle. At night when it is all lit up it is full of people, but very beautiful as I have seen it from a cab. I decided to take a back street rather than the busy street by the canal. This gave me a glimpse into early morning, every day life. The colorful shops were already opening, and I watched fish being delivered to a local fishmonger. A young man was setting up his display of sausages, and the “fruitarias” were busily getting their wares displayed just so. No shoppers were out yet and few vehicles on the street made navigation easy.

The huge Christmas tree at Kyoto Circle is beautiful and of course Santa is there with his reindeer. An almost life size crèche is on display waiting for baby Jesus to arrive. My favorite part was the large letters ZIHUA completely covered in poinsettias. Nothing says Christmas like the beautiful red flowers.

I crossed the street to the “field” of poinsettias, noting how they came in many colors, shades and mixtures. But I still prefer the true red.

My return trip was to be on the new pathway that now begins at the bridge to La Madera and continues way past Mega Soriana and I know not where it ends. It’s a beautiful pathway, but I couldn’t help but think it would have been fun to have had it in yellow bricks as that is what came to mind as it stretched out before me.

It’s a popular pathway for joggers, cyclist and strollers like me. A lady and her son were bringing water to some of the new plantings along the path. At the La Madera bridge a crew was finishing up more plantings. I do hope there is a plan in place to keep them watered while they take root.

You can tap on any of the pictures to enlarge them. Signing off KO

An Evening Out For A Special Event

Every year I say I will not attend any of these dinners special event dinners that are “one menu fits all” as the meal is usually disappointing, frequently cold, overcooked and/or it’s something that you wouldn’t ordinarily order off the menu. But an evening at Orient Bay complete with a belly dancing show was to irresistible to miss. I’ve been wanting to try the food at this mid eastern restaurant, but as a single diner it was more upscale than I wanted to do alone. So here was my opportunity.

Lights of Zihuatanejo fro Orient Bay

There were six in our group, the location is lovely with a view of the lights of Zihuatanejo below. Plates of appetizers were brought out and every thing was delicious. It would have been nice to have had a printed menu telling us what we were eating so one would know what to order on a return visit. I did recognize the stuffed grape leaves, they were delicious, loved the cucumber sauce and everything else on the plate, but am still not sure what it was. The main course was skewers, one of lamb, one of chicken and one of shrimp. And this is where my problem comes in. The shrimp was edible, I’m not sure about the chicken as I traded mine for another shrimp. I was looking forward to tasting the lamb, as lamb used to be a favorite before I quit eating meat, but it was so over cooked none of us were able to even get it off the skewers. Friends at a different table said their lamb was perfect. Desert included a sweet coconut concoction and a marvelous stuffed date. Could have eaten a whole plate of the dates.

Belly dancers entrance with a tray of lit candles on her head

The floor show was delightful, a beautifully costumed dancer who wowed us right from the start as she danced in with a tray of lit candles on her head and instead of the usual bare feet or curlicued slippers, she performed in high spike heels. Very very pleasant evening, very enjoyable show, great location and ambiance. I hope to return soon to Orient Bay for a good meal. Anyone want to go to dinner?

Beautifull fringed costume

Signing off KO