Everything in Zihuatanejo seems brighter, the colors are more vivid and  that is so evident in their parades.  And they do love to parade! November 20th celebrates the 1910 Mexican Revolution of which Emelio Zapata was the big hero.  We are fortunate to live on the parade route so that we could sit on our balcony and view the entire parade, all 4 hours of it.  I believe every child enrolled in a school took part in it and a good number of adults.  The Senor kept saying “these kids can’t all live here, they must come from other places”. The costumes were bright and colorful, the marching bands were loud and colorful, the boom boxes were blaring music loud and the kids were cute, charming, talented and having a good time.  At times in front of our building there would be two different bands and a third group dancing and performing to a boom box


Today is Thanksgiving.  There are several restaurants that make a good attempt to do the meal justice. But the Senor said this year he is cooking a turkey so he can have it his way.  He shipped down an electric  roasted/oven just for this day at a cost that would have had us eating out for a whole month, but he got it here.  We have learned that it better come on the plane with us or purchase it when we get here, if it can be found.

Getting this meal together is a  bit interesting as we have never used this oven before,  all we have is a 4 burner gas cook top.  Our fridge is miniscule compared to what we have at home and it is packed to the gills with a small “pavo” in it defrosting. And it is difficult to find the seasoning I wanted for the dressing, no whipping cream or cool whip for the fruit salad and for the first time in my entire life I have bought  a pumpkin pie.  Making pumpkin pies from scratch has always been my speciality. We invited friends Faye and Paul for dinner for a “simple Thanksgiving”, being Canadian they have already had their Thanksgiving but were willing to celebrate with us as we are all thankful to be able to travel and enjoy the wonderful warmth, sights and sounds of this loud and colorful country.

surprisingly enough dinner turned out quite well, even though there was quite a bit of improvising in getting it prepared. The turkey was excellent, the dressing so so but we

Our first Thanksgiving in our new winter home

had potatoes and gravy. posh squash, a two salads, along with the  fruit salad and pumpkin pie  No one went hungry and it was a very pleasant evening,  Signing off KO


It was Friday night in Zihua and we were ready for a night out.  It was a night with a lot going on.  There was the beer festival at the museum, The opening of Coconuts Restaurant for the season, and it was opening night for our friend Jimmy Mamou at Daniels.  We did 2 out of 3.  The Senor is not big on craft beers, and I’m not a beer drinker at all so we started our evening at Coconuts for happy hour.  Coconuts is one of the oldest restaurants in Zihuatanejo and their happy hours are legendary with good prices and small plates that are just enough for us lite eaters.  The Senor had buffalo wings and I the fish and chips.  It was a little chaotic as Coconuts has lost one of their key employees, but the food was good and the price excellent. Then on to listen to some blues and rock and roll.IMG_0637

Jimmy Mamou is amazing, at 80 he puts on the same  great show, gets everybody up and dancing, feeling like we are kids again.

Saturday brings on more errands but not before a trip to the Ecco Tianguis, commonly called the Saturday morning market.  It is just down at the end of our alley, where the food is organic or home-made or both, the jewelry is made from recycled or natural items.  Home made and recycled is what it is all about.  I have earring made from CD’s and bracelets made from seeds.  A great place to pick up unique gifts.

Next stop is the fabric store to pick up thread, scissors and other notions so I can get down to some serious curtain sewing. Following that it is to the carpenteria for the new top to our TV stand so the Senior can serial watch his new 43 inch TV, Then to the key shop for an extra key, the hardware store for 2 screws (cost of 1 peso) and a couple of items at the enlarge Merza grocery store. It seems to me they now just  have more of the same stuff  including employees who are stocking items in every aisle making progress through the store difficult.  Mexico has not yet heard of night shift stockers!

Around town there is always interesting sights. I watched an electrician ( at least I hope he was) hang a new street light on a corner near the cartenteria and I’m always fascinated by the security guard that rides with the beer truck.  Is he protecting the beer or the money  collected or both, But is an automatic rifle necessary.

On my return the Senior is semi frustrated as this new smart TV is complicated, but he has his favorite news channels up and running so all is good.IMG_0649

I’m in decorating mode, I’m not looking for Sunset Magazine perfection, cute and comfortable will do quite nicely.  Our under the sink area in the kitchen is wide open, no cabinets, so for the past year I’ve been planning cute under counter curtains, but rods

are very limited in size so I’ve had to be inventive.  It’s not quite done but getting close.  New bed spread, bedroom curtains are hung.  Just about all that is left is to make the living room drapes.  Won”t happen before Thanksgiving.  Signing off KO

Buen Fin Mexico’s version of Black Friday

We had our shopping list made out, knew what stores we wanted to shop. Had been there measuring tv’s to make sure they would fit our stand.  We were up early had a lovely breakfast of fruit and figured there would be a huge line up so arrived at the store 40 minutes ahead of opening time.  There were no lines and they let us come right in, maybe they opened early and we didn’t know  it.  Took us about 5 minutes to show the staff which TV the Senor wanted and brought it down,  A  43 inch Samsung smart TV, but the box didn’t sa smart TV and I was determined that it had to be a “smart ” TV.  The employees then took it out of the box, two of them held it while the 3rd plugged it in and then turned it on where it promptly lit up saying SMART TV.  I was satisfied and impressed with the helpfulness of the staff and the Senor Singer is happy with his TV.

Next on to purchase a sewing machine for me as I want to make new curtains and drapes for the apartment. 20 percent off on my Singer was a good deal especially with the peso running 20 -1. Buy this time the fabric store was busy and they have an unusual way of dealing with merchandise it takes a minimum of 3 people to compleat a sale and you have to criss-cross the store to do it.  I needed notions like thread bobbins and scissor, but they are all kept behind the counter and only 2 – 3 employes deal with that and also with the cutting of ribbons and trims.  The mexican ladies were lined up 3 deep and they are a little pushier than I, so I decided to return tomorrow early for the little stuff,  My “lista” is all written out in Spanish.

Once at home we was discovered that even though we had measured carefully our TV stand is 1 inch to short.  So we went back to the wood shop that made it and they will have a new top for it tomorrow.  Problem solved! Pictures to follow  Signing off KO

Zihuatanejo, Always interesting

As I headed out to the swimming pool this morning, I thought it is a long walk and taxi’s are cheap, but then I saw what reminded me of why I walk everywhere.  You miss out on the small stuff, the stuff that makes you say ahh! On the main drag, Benito Juarez a car was half in the road way.  Why I do not know why but the back-end definitely stuck out into the driving lane and the front end not so much. There was a group of 5 or 6 men

guys moving a car out of the roadway

were around it actually lifting the back-end to rotate it out of the roadway.  As I was madly attempting to pull my phone out of my pack back they had successfully move the back end and now weretackling the front end.  Now at home someone would have a AAA card or someone would have called for a police impound.  But in Zihuatanejo


neighbors help neighbors.

Just before I reached the pool there is a large vacant lot that is fenced off from the road with a chain link fence. Stuck in it was an old palm tree branch.  What makes this branch

special is there was a bird’s nest still in it.  A family once made this their home. I hope they moved on before it fell.

A couple of days ago I went to an “electronico” store as we left at home a cord to a light fixture that we wanted to put under the kitchen cabinet.  In my fracture spanish I asked if they had one and showed her one similar.  She searched her drawers with no luck then went for her phone and called someone.  I know just enough spanish to know she had sent for help and I was to wait.  Moments later a small red car rounded the corner, an employee ran out to meet it and cord was quickly changed hands to the employee.  45 pesos later I’m on my way with a home with new cord.  No drug deal was ever transpired quicker. LOL

signing off KO

Getting Into a Bit of a Routine

Beginning to feel like home, so I started back swimming this morning at the community pool.  It is an Olympic size pool, but no lanes marked off and they expect you to swim cross ways rather than lengthwise.  Too bad I love swimming long course.  It a short 20 minute walk to the pool and I swam for 35 minutes. The pool at the Navy Base at home was kept at a 79 degree or less temperature all summer, so I was prepared for swimming in this large covered outdoor pool at 8AM.  To my surprise it felt quite comfortable. Life is good!

My daily rounds on the way back from the pool take me to the Mexican old style Mercado where I have my favorite egg man and buy them buy the half flat, then on to the fish monger where I bought enough Mahi mahi fillets for 3- 4 meals next onto the avocado wheel barrow when the young man picks out two large ones  “un por hoy un por manana”” one for today and one for tomorrow at a cost of about $1. As I pass a fruit seller, the mangos catch my eye.  Mangoes to me are the fruit of the gods, better even than strawberries.  I brought one home which the Senior and I share for breakfast with hard-boiled eggs.

Our shopping excursion today was to buy lamps,  one for the living room and two for the bedroom night stands that we haven’t bought yet.  We are now the proud owners of 3 colorful ceramic lamps which we put in our push carts and pushed them the 4 -5 blocks home safely.  Still need one floor lamp for reading, for me.

From home we had sent a roaster oven thru DHL shipping so the Senor could cook his Thanksgiving turkey.  It was horribly expensive to ship, but we were packing too many suitcases to manage it on the air plane.  We picked it up at DHL today and had to pay customs tax on it.  If we can’t take it with us on the plane it stays at home in the future.

He better enjoy the turkey!signing off KO


The Senor in Shoping Mode

The Senor is not much of a “shopper”, more of a buyer. Walk in the store, see it, buy it walk out. I on the other hand would want to look in every store, compare prices, colors etc.  But he has done well here, managed to look in several stores before his mind was made up.  Our shopping excursions have taken us to the big mexican one stop shopping stores, The Bodega,  Mega Soriana and Copell, a Canadian based store that the Senior favored  but he ended up purchasing at a smaller  local  mexican store.  I like to shop local when we can.

Our first few days here we were very cozy sleeping  on a ” matrimonial” sized bed, but

with this warm weather, a king bed is more comfortable for us. Our apartment came furnished with 4 comfortable chairs, but the Senor is now is stretched out on his new sofa I’m happy with the chairs we have, but am on the look out for a foot stool.

The kitchen is a good kitchen to work in, still needs a few things, mainly curtains and under counter curtains.

Enter a caption

We have one last major purchase to make, replacing the 19 inch tv with a BIG screen. But he will wait for “Buen Fin” the Mexican equivalent of our black Friday.  It falls the weekend prior to Mexican Revolution Day, Nov 20th.  We are hoping for some excellent prices.

Our balcony is just 3 feet wide and 25 ft long  and affords us lovely insight into Mexican street life. It is quite different from our previous balcony that was over a pedestrian street with many restaurants and bars. We no longer have loud thumping music all night long and little traffic in the evening.  We still enjoy our meals outside on the balcony, but as we are protected from the afternoon sun here so we can even eat lunch outside.  We are anxious to do some balcony gardening.

We have been here a week and about all we have done is shop trying to get settled in.  I have hardly had time to read.  The good thing is our money has been running about 19 pesos to $1, and I’m getting ready to decorate.  I managed to get all our new apartment pictures into an album, but as usual I can’t find the album in computer only individual pictures.  Signing off KO



The Senor and I often laugh about how w used to spend one week here scurrying around trying to do everything in one week and now it takes a full week just to get settled in.  The beach will be there when we are ready.

We needed extra storage space in our bathroom and bought an over the toilet frees   standing  wire shelf and a separate shelving unit. Starting yesterday and on to today we worked on the wire unit that had no parts labeled and managed to get the Senor  reverting to his former Navy language so we set it aside and assembled the shelving unit.  Now it is possible to walk into the bathroom without tripping.

I did a morning run on Waldo’s, the mexican equivalent of our dollar stores. Picked up trash baskets storage containers and such.  In the afternoon I headed to the Mercado.  If you want or need it, it can be found there, but you need to search  and it helps to speak some spanish, mine is quite limited, but I managed to pick up a hammer and a screwdriver, a cooking pot, 4 3 prong electrical adapters, 2  chicken legs freshly amputated, 30 fresh shrimp, peeled and deveined, right before my eyes, mushrooms, garlic, onions potatoes, tomatoes, lettuce and those super yummy little bananas.

Tomorrow we tackle the wire rack.  Then we start shopping for the big items, namely a very large screen TV.  As most of you know the Senor is a bit TV addicted so this is very important.  The other item is a king size bed.  We are currently sleeping in what the mexicans call a “matrimonial” size bed, we call it a double bed.  It’s cozy and it is comfortable, but with the weather here bigger is definitely better.And just to make any of you who are north of th boarder envious it is 8:30 at night  I am typing this on our balcony and it is a balmy 79 degrees.  If you click on the peictures the caption will show Signing off KO