Mango, the most delicious fruit in the entire world. One of the best reasons to come to Zihuatanejo in February is just to enjoy mangoes.20180220_090138.jpg

Each morning I peel the mango on a drinking glass and the Senor and I enjoy one with our breakfast.  One of my favorite delights is sitting by the beach in the afternoon, with the cool breeze blowing, enjoying my latest book on my kindle while sipping a mango margarita.

I like bananas, but I love the little bananas you find here in Zihuatanejo. They are so sweet, 20180220_091010.jpgbite sized tasty  little treats. Can’t walk by the fruit basket with out taking one.

Tomatoes seem to have come into season here, they are especially good right now. But the real news is tomatoes are starting to come into season on our balcony. The Senor has been carefully tending his tomato farm since late November when he first planted a package of tomato seeds in the balcony planter. 20180221_070914.jpgNever has he grown a tomato plant from a seed.  At home we buy twelve inch starter plants and pray they will turn red before fall hits.  Well, we did pray here that they would ripen before it was time to go home and sure enough the prayers have been listened to. They now are displaying the first blush of red. Can hardly wait for BLT’s.

Signing off KO

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