I’m Back, Well I Never Left, Just Busy

Dinner with Mike, John and Gloria at Casa Bahia

I’ve not posted in several weeks as I have been having too much fun keeping company with a charming gentleman from Canada.  He had to return to Canada for knee surgery yesterday.  Now I am back to having free time to explore Zihuatanejo on my own and sharing it with you.

I had a brief episode of extremely low blood pressure and found it necessary to go to the Clinica Maciel one afternoon.  I was impressed with the the doctors, and the level of care.  I would never hesitate to go there again if I felt the need for medical treatment.

Escollera, with it’s infinity swimming pool has become a favorite spot.  I also have spent

Pool at Escollera

quite a bit of time at La Madera beach, easy walk to get to, no water taxi’s or buses to contend with.

Sailfest has come and gone again this year I worked the T-shirt sales desk and enjoyed an afternoon on the Catamaran Viva, a true luxury cat. With all the rest of the sailboats we sailed to Ixtapa but

Enter Deck of the Viva

then went on to Ixtapa island where we

The Picante

anchored.  Last year only a couple of us swam to shore, this year half the boat opted to swim in rather than use the launch that Paradisio Escondido sent out to transport folks to shore.  All part of the adventure! Also had a lovely evening  doing the sunset cruise on the Picante with friends.

Big cruise ship seen from the Picante

Almost every evening there is a place for dancing, most of it caters to the “grey panther” group that is in the majority here.  But to watch folks dance, it’s with the same energy they always had.  We did have the best music, and it is still alive and well  in Zihuatanejo.

A group of us started a book club,  it fizzled out but not before introducing me to a couple of excellent reads.  Cutting Stone and the Tattooist of Auschwitz.  I highly recommend both, not quick beach reads, but real meaty stories and the Tattooist is a true story of the will to survive.

Still fighting to find and move pictures to where I want them.  I don’t know why it is so difficult.  Signing off KO

Cruise Ships

Zihuatanejo was host to two cruise ships this week end.  They always add a little excitement to the community with the town making an effort to keep the tourists and their money in Zihuatanejo instead of Ixtapa. I saw one group of tourists being guided through El IMG_0195Centro on their way to the Mercado as they passed through my alley.

Dancers performed at the artist park where many local vendors were displaying their wares.  I’m always amazed at the stamina of the dancers in full costumes and masks that all look to be heavy and hot.


The next day an even larger cruise ship , but was only here for a few hours, went down to Playa Madera to get a good look at it, but I couldn’t get a decent photo of it due to the way it was moored.  I thought when we walked down the beach later we would get aIMG_0203 broadside view, but then it was gone.  On the walk back to town we saw the ice cream man.   I swear the best ice cream ever comes from the guys with these big stainless steel tubs that offer 3 flavors, coconut, vanilla and lemon.

I’m assuming it was because of the two cruise ships being here, but a real show of security was  seen all about town.  Military, Police and National Guard all highly visible all through out the town on foot, trucks, motorcycles on the beach. Quite impressive!

I’m starting to get the hang of moving pictures around with I cloud, but it’s time consuming process for me, but a least I can do it now.  Signing off KO


Beaches, Pools and Late Night Dancing

I am enjoying myself here in this sunny warm place called Zihuatanejo, I am often alone, but seldom lonely. I enjoy the company of some long time very close friends, but I also enjoy the company of a wide circle of very interesting women from all walks of life and a

variety of provinces and states.  Some are lucky enough to live here full time. We gather at the beaches, lovely pools like the infinity one at Escollera, in the out door bars and restaurants.  Most of us agree if we were back in the cold north we would be huddled in our homes in front of the TV.  Life is bigger and bolder here, more vibrant and colorful.  Lots of energy and few complaints.

I’ve just about finished with redecorating my apartment. Much of it is to simplify life, reduce clutter and rid myself of things that I have no use for or give me no pleasure. I’ve reorganized the kitchen to just the items I need to prepare the kind of meals I like.  I know I need to tackle the closet, but that may wait until the end of the season when I am positive of what needs to go home and never return and what needs to just go away and what needs to stay.  At home I lead a “jeans and t-shirt style life”, with a few rare occasions to wear dresses.  Here I wear dresses regularly as they are so comfortable in this weather.

There is so much wonderful music here, some for dancing other just for listening, and some of it late night.  I’ve had the opportunity to go dancing a few nights and I can still out dance and out last men 10 years younger than me. I’ve always loved to dance and it’s nice to have an occasional partner now and again.

Can’t post the pictures I would like to because they are attached to a different email account that my WordPress account is. I’m looking for someone who is skilled in managing pictures on the computer to teach me. Other than that color me content. Signing off KO



Everyday Life in Zihuatanejo

Even the most ordinary days seem extraordinary to me here partially because of the weather, partially because there is always something to do if you want to, everyone is friendly and helpful, the Mexican people are warm and caring. Everyday is extraordinary in it’s own way, but not necessarily “exciting!”

There are three beaches that I frequent ,

Playa Las Gatas

Playa Las Gatas you take a water taxi to and I like to swim and snorkel there, Playa La Ropa, is a fifty cent bus ride away and is great for socializing, lunching, listening to music, and going in the water to bob around, but I don’t like to swim there. Too many boats pulling para-sails, jet skiers. Ixtapa Island, where one side of the island is great for just swimming and the Coral Beach side, a short hike over the hill has great snorkeling, but  difficult for me to get out of the waves and surf on the Coral side.  I need someone to haul me out as I don’t have good balance on sand that is shifting fast under my feet.

I love music and just about every night of the week I can find a good music to enjoy. Be it classic rock and roll, blues, balladeers, or classic Mexican music it is here. Most of it is played early in the evening around sunset or just after and most end before 10 Although the typical Mexican music scene might not begin until 10 and last until 4 or later, one club that features fantastic Mexican music caters to the gringos on Monday night and play an early set at 6-10 pm. 

There is fun to be had all around in Zihuatanejo, it helps to check out the local message group, Zihuatanejo Let’s Chat to learn about activities and events and share experiences. The meet and greets on Tuesday evenings at Patty’s on La Ropa are a great opportunity to connect with folks and meet new friends. Even though I am traveling solo this season, I have no problem joining in activities or finding friends to accompany me.  Life is good.  Signing off KO

My New Years Eve

I had a great visit with family and friends over the Christmas Holiday, our first in getting the whole family together in about 20 years, but it is too hectic to travel at that time of year and too cold in Western Washington for me. Hopefully further reunions will be in  the summer and without the need to shop for gifts for everyone.

It was great to arrive back in Zihuatanejo just in time to celebrate the New Year. I hadn’t made any New Year plans before I left and no idea what anyone else’s plans were so I decided to go bar hopping by myself at all the usual haunts. It worked out great I visited with old friends, met new friends and had a fun evening all over El Centro. Didn’t get home until 3AM, surprised myself.

The fireworks at midnight were spectacular, and unlike previous years the band that played at the Zocolo was really good. And their sound system was perfect. Too much of the time all you hear is thumping bass played at ear splitting decibels way too late in the wee hours of the morning. Not so with this band. Sound quality and levels were right on. The Zocolo was so crowded you could hardly walk through it, but everyone was happy, dancing in the streets, just a super way to kick out the old year and start a new one.

I am starting a new chapter in my life, final divorce papers were signed by the judge on December 31st and I am officially an independent woman.  This isn’t where I expected to be at this time in my life, but I couldn’t be happier. My only New Year resolution is to make the most of everyday.

I spent a good portion of New Year’s Day, clearing out cupboards and closets, hung my new hand made bead and cork curtain in the doorway between the living room and bedroom.  Previously there was a bamboo curtain that made noise every time you went through it, this one is quiet and recovered my couch using just a sheet.  It looks better, we’ll see how well it holds up.  Then had lunch with a very good friend. Tomorrow, back to swimming on a regular basis. Signing off KO

PS Have spent 2 days trying to get pictures taken on my new Iphone which has a separate email account attached to it to post to the blog.  Just can’t do it yet.

It's Beginning to Look Like a Lot Christmas


Signs of Christmas are popping up everywhere and Zihuatanejo is quite clever and artistic with how they do Christmas trees.  There are a few cut evergreen tree here, but the weather isn’t conducive to them lasting until Christmas.

I have decorated, put out the nativity scene, a couple of Santa’s here and there hung the

wreath on the balcony and I was done.  Took me maybe ten minutes, at home it took me two days minimum.  I’m enjoying the simplicity.

El Centro Zihuatanejo shines this Christmas season like the brightest star!  All through the pedestrian streets there is a canopy of sparkling lights.  The Zocolo is in full dress with enormous lighted gift packages for people to stand in and have their picture taken.

It makes people happy just to walk around and admire it, take pictures, visit with friends, simple enjoy the splendor. It’s so beautiful it almost makes me sad to leave this beauty to go home for a week at Christmas, but then I am anxious to have all 4 of my children together for the first Christmas in probably 20 years, and to have most of the grand-kids there also.

Yesterday our street decorated their shrine to Our Lady of Guadalupe, the patron saint of this state and then carried her through the streets of town to the local church. They were trying to attach lights with bobby pins when I donated a spool of wire to the cause.

Signing off KO

The Parthenon, a Crocodile, and Wine Tasting, What a Day!

I knew Morgan would find the Parthenon interesting.  She had been anxious to see it since she first spied it from the water taxi.  When I last was there you could only get in on a Saturday, not knowing if things had changed I decided we would go on a Saturday and check it out. I had been warned that the Government had now taken possession of it and would be restoring it and you couldn’t get in any more.  I don’t like being told no, so we went any way after a quick stop at the Saturday Morning Market we walked down Calle Adelita, up what I call Mount Irma, past the Hotel Irma to the road to La Ropa and img_2231

further down the road you come to the Military Barracks where there is a side road that clearly says cars are not allowed to go up it.  I think at this point Morgan doubted my ability to read Spanish as it made her a little nervous not following rules by a Military installation.  But then she grew up a Navy Brat so I forgave her her reluctance and we began the very steep, rocky climb up this road.  Neither of us had had the sense to wear tennis shoes and we tackled this climb in our sandals. Once at the top we meet a nice young soldier with the very scary looking gun and I asked if we could go in.  In very rapid Spanish he replied something and pulled out his phone, and finally said to us something but I recognized that we would be called and he pointed to the gate. A man soon opened the gate and at first said no, it would require a permit from the Government in Acapulco but after a bit of finagling he changed his mind and we went in.

This was once the party place for an extremely crooked cop from Mexico City.  It is  in very dilapidated condition, but you can still visualize and feel the elegance that once was there. Because everything from how the land was acquired to the cost of the elegance of the construction of the building and of the parties given there you have to reflect on how many little people were stepped on for him to acquire such wealth. Because of that there is a faction that would like it torn down. I would like to see it preserved, not necessarily restored as it is beautiful, even in ruins. Morgan stated she would have liked to have had 6 changes of clothes and pretended to be on a fashion shoot.

Our lunch companion

From there we walked further down La Ropa Rd and headed to the beach at our first opportunity and walked down to El Manglar to have lunch with the crocodiles. We were ready for cool drinks and a good lunch as we had logged in 3 miles at this point.  We had a great lunch with a crocodile lazing about 8 feet away from us. and yes there was a 3 foot high fence between us.

img_2272I finish off the day at the wine tasting at the Beach at Sotovento. Interesting, but far to hot at the beach and nowhere was there shade.  Signing off KO