This winter season is rapidly coming to a close, everyday it’s a “goodbye party” or another “last supper” as my friends pack and return to their other lives. This winter has been the most fun for me, I’ve been super busy with friends and events and it’s been a wonderful vacation. But now I’m ready to start the business of just living here in beautiful Zihuatanejo.

I have one more hurdle to jump before I can formally say Zihuatanejo is my home. I have an appointment with Migration on the 18th of April for my official Residency. It’s a little scary as this will determine if I can stay year round or if I will have to leave the country for a few days every 180 days as my tourist visas expire.

So what have I been doing, well I had a birthday. It was the most fun birthday party I have ever had, just one of those extra fun nights. I also attended many other birthday celebrations. Parties are more fun in Zihua!

The food and the restaurants are good and plentifull which makes dining out one of the major activities. There are beach restaurants both feet in the sand type and and those with stunning views over looking the bay. I have never eaten out so much in my life, but I’m really enjoying it as cooking isn’t my thing. And cooking for one is about the worst.

Ok, that’s a start, I’ll continue to play catch up Maybe holidays and events next time. Signing off KO