The snow birds are packing and leaving one by one. By the end of the month most all will be gone . Replacing the gringo snowbirds are Mexican nationals here to enjoy a warm beach visit during Semana Santa holidays, the week prior and following Easter. So town is bustling with large families traveling back and forth from their hotels to the beaches. They come supplied with fully stocked coolers, beach chairs, umbrellas, babies and ancient relatives , some in wheelchairs. No one is left behind.

Earlier this morning there were groups with a couple pop up tents on Playa Principal, an hour later they had been taken down. I’m guessing at the request of the authorities. It is frequently lamented that when the snowbirds leave they they leave a lot of cash behind. but when the Semana Santa group leaves, they leave more trash than cash. If that is the case I believe that it is a matter of education to improve the outcome.

Temperatures seem to be rising but actually it’s only humidity that is rising making it feel warmer. The longer hours of daylight also have it warming up sooner and not cooling off until later. But the nights here are marvelous, never needing a wrap of any kind. I have yet to turn on my air conditioner, I find between the natural breeze and my ceiling fans I’m quite comfortable in my apartment.

I am expecting full on sun on my balcony as we get into summer, whereas all winter the balcony has been completely shaded. I’m wondering how my little garden will fare in the full sun. I started my tomato plants from seeds. They are doing quite well. I expect about June I should be harvesting tomatoes.

My garden, the large leaved plant I’m hoping is a Bird of Paradise, it puts out a new leaf every week. Other options might be a rubber plant or a banana tree.
My tomato garden

Signing off KO