The big news is I now have my temporary residency card and it is good for 4 years when I can change it over to permanent. I was very nervous about obtaining it as I am a little shy on the monthly income part. But all went well thanks to my good friend Tonio who helped with translation and just plain understanding the procedure. I have bought and sold property with far less paper work and signatures. It’s about a 2 hour procedure including fingerprinting, eye printing and photographing. But no formal application. My name address phone number and e mail were all just written down on a piece of scratch paper. So now that I am “almost Mexican” I will sign up for Spanish classes and change over to a Mexican phone number.

My friend Cheryl has been taking guitar lessons while she is here and her class had it’s recital last week. They learned such great songs as Proud Mary and Mustang Sally and we all got to sing along. It was a fun evening at the Restaurant Adalinda.

My little garden is growing nicely, but I may have killed one of my poinsettias with kindness. It appears I have over watered it and it is very unhappy and shedding all it’s leaves, the second one is in better shape and probably will survive. My tomato starts are doing great, looking forward to fresh tomatoes.

I’m usually willing to try most food. Which may sound odd since I do not eat meat or chicken. Dishes that have them I can usually pick around the chunks of meat or poultry and enjoy the rest. I’m pretty much a “fishaterian, (my word.) So one would assume I would enjoy oysters as they pick them fresh here in the bay. I have stayed away from them here as I come from an area of great oyster beds and I do love them. But have been carefully taught you only pick and eat them during months that have an r in them as those months the water is colder. So when some of us were at a restaurant that always has a large pile of oysters still in the shell and someone shucking them we decided to give it a go. They were OK, but for fresh raw oysters to be at their best they need to be ice cold and a smaller size. But what the heck it’s Mexico and they can do it there way. But I wouldn’t do it again.

Signing off KO