Living in Mexico vs Vacationing

We used to vacation in Mexico, now we live in Mexico for 3 months of the year and next year it will be 4 months. The climate agrees with us, I think it actually improves the Seniors health. He gets out much more here, is more active and more relaxed. Folks always ask us what we do in Mexico and my stock answer is “as little as possible”. But that’s not  entirely true.  The difference between vacationing and living here is how you spend your time. During a vacation you try to spend as little time as possible, grocery shopping, meal preparation, cleaning and organizing.  You want to spend every minute possible on the fun things, eating out, buying gifts for friends, beaching, touring. Now that we live here I spend a great amount of time grocery shopping and enjoy every minute of it as it is in its self an adventure. I have checked out all the stalls at the Mercado and have selected my favorites, the ones that are most helpful with my fractured Spanish and have patience as I figure out the money.  I know the fellow with the wheelbarrow full of avocados in the back has the best ones and he will pick out 1 for today and 1 for tomorrow. And they will be perfect every time. I know the best strawberry vendor and who to buy my eggs from. The chicken lady knows exactly what I want when I approach her and I have decided on the best fish monger. I love mangoes and have learned how to peel them using a drinking glass, less mess and nice mango slices.

For some thing I do need to go to the Comercial  Mexicana which is a super market somewhat like ours, but with less organization, much more clutter in the aisles, some recognizable brands and an adventure all of it’s own.

They have a store here similar to our $ stores, with the same theory, buy it when you see it as it may never be there again. They have a wonderful fabric store with beautiful fabrics at unbelievable prices.  I usually buy fabric and bring it home to make something.  This year I bought fabric and am bringing it to “the sewing ladies” to make a dress for me. They shortened a pair of pants for me for about 25 cents.  The fabric cost just under $6. Signing off KO


Relaxing at Ixtapa Island

I was really happy to be going back to Ixtapa Island with a group of friends. We were going  a little earlier this time when the tide would be in and better for snorkeling.  I have my new “go pro” camera for under water video photography and I’m anxious to share pictures of the fish.  The go-pro is a tiny camera and I have a strap that mounts it on my head so I should be able to swim and the camera sees what I see.  That part works well. The difficult part is getting it set to video, as I said it is tiny, about 2 inches by 3 inches and the settings are also very tiny. So I cross over to the Coral Beach from where we all like to gather, sit at the edge of the water, put my fins on and try to turn the camera on.  In my “golden years” I have become very farsighted.  This translates to I can’t read anything close up with out my glasses. So I take off the fins, cross back over the trail, put on my glasses and set the camera, take off the glasses and walk back and start over on my swim to photo the fish.  I do get some nice pictures of fish, but there is more footage of the trail and me putting on and off fins and mask than of the colorful tropical fish. There has to be an easier way.

There is something about the beach that relaxes everyone. It is more that just the drinks and good food, combine that with sunshine and a cooling breeze, gorgeous scenery and everyone laughs, aches and pains melt away,worries disappear. We share stories, tease one another and even the Senor looses his grouchiness.

My wish for everyone is, find the time, make the time to enjoy this kind of happiness. Time is too precious, none of us know what tomorrow brings. Yesterday is a memory, tomorrow is unknown, but today is a gift, and that is why it is called “the present”. Enjoy your every gift.

Still waiting on my new internet service to arrive,  so no new pictures. I’m learning the patience of the Mexicans, there is always manana.  Signing off KO



Last Port Orchard post

It’s our last full day in Port Orchard, rained so much that the lake is over the dock.  But no problem, is 84 in sunny Zihuatanejo.  We are completly packed and I’m at loose ends as I have nothing else left to do. And I don’t do “nothing” very well. At least not a home.  Begining Monday morning this is where you will find me.  I took this picture last year from the road to La Ropa on one of my morning explorations before the “Senor” would wake. Every day I take off on a new direction to explore. The view from our apt. is a little different as you will see in the weeks to come.  I intend to share my travels with you thru this blog rather than inudate you with e-mails as I have done in the past. This way if your interested follow along if not I haven’t bored you.  Look for me Monday.  Signing off KO