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Off Loading restaurant supplies
Off Loading restaurant supplies
Pelicans enrout to Playa Los Gatos
Pelicans enrout to Playa Los Gatos

I have no idea how come it is named beach of the cats, have yet to see a cat there, but it is a good place to swim and snorkel.  To get there is a short water taxi ride.  Then you stroll down the beach and pick which restaurant you want to eat and relax at on their lounge chairs while they serve you your drinks and adjust the beach umbrellas for your comfort.  I’m a snorkeler, tried scuba diving its just not for me.  The Senior does not snorkel, says it’s a breathing problem with his asthma. We swim, we visit with our mexican hosts who has pretty good English, which is great as the Senior is quite a talker.  And we have a great lunch mine is fish tacos his is chicken tacos. The snorkeling is better than previous years, lots of pretty fish and I think this is because boats are only allowed in the swim area to drop off supplies and then have to move out and moor outside the reef.  We arrive around 10 but leave about 2:30 to get the water taxi back as I am concerned that at low tide I won’t be able to get out of the boat.  It’s always difficult and there are always young men to help yank to out onto the pier, but with my new knee and how it still isn’t bending completely and I’m concerned.  No need , it wasn’t too difficult and we tipped the the young men nicely for my safe return to the pier.

back to our apartment for showers and siesta.  I had fixed my “chicken in a pot ala mexicana” in the crock pot before we left so dinner was simmering and after sunset we had a great meal on our balcony.  For our evening entertainment it was wrestling on TV for the Senior, but I headed out to the beach front restaurant to hear the great Jimmi Mamou.  And as luck would have it our downstairs neighbors were there and I was able to join them. Another great day in paradise! I’m still a novice at this blogging thing, some dsay I will get all the right pictures in the right place. Signing off KO

Author: zihuathyme

I'm a traveler, not as frequently as I would like , but I plan on doing more. After working full time at Mount Rainier National Park during the summer of 22 I have decided to retire completely and forever. Prior to that I was semi retired as a Wedding Officiant I officiated at about 20 weddings a season, and with my small delivery service I handled the distribution of a local high-quality Home and Garden magazine . Prior to my "semi retirement" I was in corrections and before that I owned and operated a bail bond agency. I now plan to travel to new places and exciting places, getting ready to do that as a solo as the Senior is no longer with me, his choice, and I am OK with that. For hobbies I'm a reader and love my kindle. And I enjoy writing.


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