On the path to La Madera beach

On the path to La Madera beach

The Senor does not handle adversity well.  This was not his best day.  He is always the breakfast cook, in the 15 years we have been married I have never fixed breakfast for him. In the middle of frying the eggs it became apparent that we were about to run out of gas. Before the gas was gone the eggs were done and then the microwave quit during the nuking of the bacon. Anyone who has ever camped with us understands the seriousness of this situation.  The Senor is completely frustrated with the “cocina”  gods! To sooth his ruffled nerves I promised to report our deficiencies to the management as soon as I was showered and dressed.  There was still enough hot water for my shower, but by the time the Senor entered the shower it was luke warm at best.  Actually he handled it all much better than one would have thought.

So after reporting our problems to the management, we were headed to La Madera to meet up with our balcony neighbors and friends that are staying at La Madera.  On the way this cute, small, scruffy, wire-haired street dog joined us and with no encouragement followed us to the beach where we soon lost track of him.

Our Madera friends were no where in site so we decided to lunch at a pavilion restaurant there, not quite sure of the name, but it was quite elegant for a beach restaurant.   And their prices were equalLy elegant. The Senor is never impressed with elegance, but took it in his stride and we had a nice lunch.  IMG_5206

They first brought out this leg of an animal with the hoof still attached and offered to slice us some Serrano ham off it, we gracefully declined. The gentlemen had hamburgers and the ladies had soup.  Small bowl, large price.  tasty, but small.

Friends on the beach
Friends on the beach

Our friends arrived and we joined them on the sand under a palapa and a beach umbrella and had a lovely visit, and watched our scruffy dog friend play with a young boy in the 3-5 age bracket.  It was really very sweet. They chased each other, boy would throw a plastic bottle, dog would retrieve, they would run in the surf and play with a surf board which dog retrieved from the water, plopped it on the sand and then had trouble picking it up again.  He could flip it up, but not get a good enough grip on it to drag it around. so he tried to bite the end of it off and thats when boy’s papa came and got the surf board. Boy and dog resumed the games of chase and splash when large man came and scooped the dog up and waded out into the surf and proceeded to dunk the dog in the surf or throw him into the waves only to retrieve him again and do it again.  The senor was just about to go talk to large man when boy’s papa came out and talked to him.  Dog was released but not going near large man or water. Dog then found a bird flying just above him and the chase was on, dog being young was very fast and bird was high enough that he was in no danger, but we worried about large man. So the Senor decided it was time for us to return to our apartment and we would get the dog to follow us and out of the reach of large man. But scruffy dog prefered playing with boy and birds and he chose not to follow us even though the offer was made.   I really would have liked to held large mans head under the surf and see how much he liked it!

scruffy street dog
IMG_5205 scruffy street dog
When asked what this fruit was our waiter said "Gringo Balls"
When asked what this fruit was our waiter said “Gringo Balls”

Upon return to apartment, we have gas for cooking and hot water, and a replacement microwave is on our door step.  All is right with the world.  And just when I thought  I had pictures mastered,  the captions get screwed up. Never a boring day in sunny Zihuatanejo Signing off KO

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I'm a traveler, not as frequently as I would like , but I plan on doing more. After working full time at Mount Rainier National Park during the summer of 22 I have decided to retire completely and forever. Prior to that I was semi retired as a Wedding Officiant I officiated at about 20 weddings a season, and with my small delivery service I handled the distribution of a local high-quality Home and Garden magazine . Prior to my "semi retirement" I was in corrections and before that I owned and operated a bail bond agency. I now plan to travel to new places and exciting places, getting ready to do that as a solo as the Senior is no longer with me, his choice, and I am OK with that. For hobbies I'm a reader and love my kindle. And I enjoy writing.

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