Beach at Barre de Potosi
Beach at Barre de Potosi

Yesterday with friends Will and Sylvia we headed to catch the Pentalon  bus to Los Achotes where we will get off and take the” pasajara”,  which is a lovely word for an old pickup truck with benches in the bed and covered with a tarp for shade, to Barre de Potosi.  We have been there before, but were particularly interested in going this year as we had heard about how the hurricane had greatly changed the landscape.  Well Mother Nature may have made changes, but to us they were hardly noticeable as the water has begun to  recede and there maybe less beach but to us not very noticeable.  The beach is lovely and stretches as far as the eye can see.  We had a nice

Sylvia, Will and the Senor
Sylvia, Will and the Senor

lunch of fish, mine was fish stew.  While it is very tasty, I have to get the head and tail out of my bowl before I can start eating it  There was a very sweet and very pregnant beach dog who thoroughly enjoyed what I couldn’t eat as I always get served more than I can eat.




Fish stew,  tastes better than it looks
Fish stew, tastes better than it looks

could be used for weaving or a variety of other crafts as they are quite uniform in size an seemed strong yet flexible.  Later the Senor and I walked into the town, well not exactly a town, a dusty road with a variety of building houses everything from homes to hotels and tiny eating places. There is a beautiful, yet very simple church complete with bell. Of course my camera was back at the enmarada with Will and Sylvia.  After having taken a couple of walks it was time for desert, Sylvia and I went for neapolitan , the senor ordered a banana split and Will stuck with cervesa.  The senor’s banana split was a sliced banana with the 3 scoops of neopolitan  ice cream with chocolate sprinkles on top and four wafer cookies on the side, he pronounced it delicious, but could have done with out the sprinkles.

Sylvia trying to decide what cleaver things could be done with the roots
Sylvia trying to decide what cleaver things could be done with the roots

No sooner did our ice cream arrive, that the ice cream man came by. This  is the ice cream that comes out of the galvanized tub. Now this is what I call real ice cream, I’m sure it is home-made, not commercially made.  He will have 2 or 3 flavors usually there will be coconut and vanilla, but I have also had lime or chocolate. Today he had vanilla and coconut,  so after polishing off our neopolitian  Sylvia and I each got a different flavor and shared 1/2 with each other.  We both think the vanilla is the best, it isn’t white, but more off a lite creamy beige. I truly believe the very best ice cream comes from the ice cream men with the galvanized tubs on

This what "real" vanilla ice cream looks like
This what “real” vanilla ice cream looks like

wheels.  We always enjoy a day trip to Barre de Potosi, but it is way to quiet and remote for us for any longer than a day.

Signing off KO

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