Playa Las Gatas
Playa Las Gatas

One of the main differences I see between a beach in Washington state and a Mexican beach is people actually go in the water!  At home my experience has been very few adults venture into the water, some kids will, but not all.  Some will just splash around the edge because it’s cold.

Al ittle late snappingt his one
Al ittle late snappingt his one

And only in Mexico would you see a full marching band complete with a tuba on the beach. Here the water is warm and at Playa Las Gatas where we were yesterday the reef protects it from any wave action so it’s like swimming in a very large pool with beautiful colored fish.There are yellow fish with black stripes bright neon blue ones some big ones and little ones. fascinating to snorkel along the reef. We have been returning to the same spot there, Gloria del Mar and have over the years made friends with Juan the waiter.  He recognized us walking down the beach and waved us in, which was good as they are no longer allowed to have the sandwich board signs in front of their restaurants, the authorities decided it impeded strolling along the beach.

Life is good!
Life is good!

We had a wonderful red snapper fillet for a late lunch, soaked up some sun, getting abundance of vitamin D and generally just relaxing and visiting. My spanish professora would not be too pleased with me as I m still slow to use my spanish, and much english is spoken here. But I have learned a few new phrases and this will be a great help as we venture out more into the country side.

We had another lovely musical evening, again at the Baracruda this time with Steve Calvert and friends.  We have been following Steve  around town since we first heard his music several years ago coming in through our hotel kitchen window as it backed up to the now defunct Pacalos. He’s from Bremerton, but now lives and plays full-time in Zihuatanejo.  Once again we are a music groupie!

We are becoming more Mexican as we find it hard not to go out at night

Sunrise Feb 19, 2014
Sunrise Feb 19, 2014

and enjoy the soft warm evenings, there is always activity somewhere and it’s just pleasant to stroll, greet friends and people watch. Although this might change for the Senor if we get connected up with TV tonight.  Signing off KO

Author: zihuathyme

I'm a traveler, not as frequently as I would like as I'm semi retired. I prefer that phrase to working part time. I would love to travel to new places, getting ready to do that as a solo traveler. For hobbies I make and sell stone & shell bird houses, garden and have joined a couple of hiking groups. I'm a reader and love my kindle. I still work some, I'm a Wedding Officiant and officiate at about 20 weddings a year, and also operate a small delivery service. Prior to my "semi retirement" I was in corrections and before that I owned and operated a bail bond agency. The Senior is no longer with me, his choice, and I am OK with that.

4 thoughts on “ON THE BEACH”

  1. I saw your post over at Zihuarobs that you were back in Zih and blogging about your stay. I’m excited to read about your daily adventures. I really enjoyed your blog last year. Reading your posts makes me feel like I’m right there in Zih. Have a fun! – Julia

  2. I also saw your post on Rob’s message board, and followed you to your blog. I have always enjoyed following your blog reports. Thank you for the fun reads! Three months in Zihuatanejo sounds wonderful and I plan to do that some day. 🙂

  3. Thank you for posting your site on Rob’s message board. I will sooo enjoy following your adventures, comments and pictures of the area.

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