The Picante
The Picante

The Picante is a beautiful catamaran, designed as a party boat for evening sunset cruises, and daytime snorkel and sail adventures.  It is huge, beautifully maintained, and a whole boatload of fun.

Today I went with several friends to sail, snorkel and most importantly ride the spinnaker. The Senior opted not to go, his standard phrase is ” I see no need to go on a boat without a fishing rod”.

Sailing past Zihuatanejo's lighthouse
Sailing past Zihuatanejo’s lighthouse

We set sail at 10 am for the beautiful Manzanillo cove, which  is about 45 minutes away for snorkeling. I mounted the “gopro” camera on my head strap and swam off to capture the fish on film. Once I learn how to download my video I may be able to show you the beautiful fish. My favorite was a medium sized blue fish with 3 bright neon blue dots on each side. They gave us about an hour for snorkeling , the water is clear, with a white sand and coral rock bottom and plenty of fish.Several years ago I scuba dove in this cove.

getting ready to ride the spinnaker
getting ready to ride the spinnaker

Back on the boat we headed out to sea to try to catch enough wind to sail, but there really never was enough for true sailing. Then we headed back into Zihuatanejo bay near La Ropa beach for a chance to ride the wind on the spinnaker.

Faye riding the spinnaker
Faye riding the spinnaker

The spinnaker is an extremely light weight sail intended to catch the lightest of winds off the bow of the boat. A sling is attached to the spinnaker upon which you sit and as the sail is hoisted you fly up and ride the wind. You swim to the sling, climb in and then rise high above the boat swinging to and fro as the wind takes you up (with lots of help from a very experienced crew)  It is a wonderful feeling to soar and glide through the air swinging back and forth.  It’s like being a child again on the most gigantic swing imaginable.  Fantastic adventure and another great day in paradise.

I’ll post the video of me riding the spinnaker on facebook.

Signing off KO

Author: zihuathyme

I'm a traveler, not as frequently as I would like as I'm semi retired. I prefer that phrase to working part time. I would love to travel to new places, getting ready to do that as a solo traveler. For hobbies I make and sell stone & shell bird houses, garden and have joined a couple of hiking groups. I'm a reader and love my kindle. I still work some, I'm a Wedding Officiant and officiate at about 20 weddings a year, and also operate a small delivery service. Prior to my "semi retirement" I was in corrections and before that I owned and operated a bail bond agency. The Senior is no longer with me, his choice, and I am OK with that.

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