The Good and the Bad in the Ugly Season of Covid

I am enjoying the smaller crowds and folks being spaced apart at the beaches and restaurants. But my heart goes out to those who have lost their jobs or have had their wages reduced as a result. Right now Zihuatanejo has moved back to “red” until the numbers drop. Every bar is closed up tight, eliminating more jobs, beaches are closed at night. They say masks are mandatory but while most folks wear them, some don’t, and I don’t see any signs of enforcement.

Plenty of “enforcers”, but little enforcement

Sailfest made a valiant effort to spread some fun and raise money, but it was a very scaled down version of all the usual fun activities. The organizers did find clever ways to do it both virtually and visibly. Kudos to them.

Masks are an entire subject of theirs own. I wear a mask faithfully, I believe in the protection they provide. But wearing a mask when walking or hiking of any distance, I find miserable. I have a bit of trouble breathing and find my self gasping for air like a fish out of water. My mask becomes drippy wet from perspiration, clammy and uncomfortable. But still I wear it and carry a spare. The down side of wearing the mask is I don’t drink as much water as I should as I’m no longer carrying a water bottle to sip along the way. And I sure miss strolling through the streets of Zihuatanejo with an ice cream cone, I really miss that.

What I don’t miss at all are the sidewalks being tented over to form a stuffy, crowded temporary bazaars to sell tacky stuff around 3 Kings and Valentines Days.

What I miss most is friends that didn’t feel comfortable traveling this year and Canadian friends that are leaving much earlier than planned to avoid the possibilities of the high cost of government fines or enforced quarantines.

My favorite view of Zihuatanejo

Signing off KO

Zihuatanejo in the time of Covid 19

My earliest observations are that Zihuatanejo is quieter than normal, less street traffic, both auto and pedestrian. Many, many locals are wearing masks, and there aren’t many children out and about. Many of the restaurants are open, Don Memo’s Daniels, Los Braceros, Mediteranio and a half dozen others that I don’t know names of. I believe most beach side restaurants are open, but many restrictions on how the beach can be utilized. As I venture forth I’ll keep you informed.

I intend to live my life here just as I have at home, wearing a mask in public, no greeting friends with hugs, kisses or handshakes. Wash and sanitize hands frequently, spend time outdoors with social distance between people. At home in Washing state I had to quarantine 3 times, 14 days upon returning home from Mexico, 7 days prior to surgery in a hospital, and 3 days prior to a procedure in a hospital. The last time I really questioned what was meant by quarantine as I did have another medical appointment during that short quarantine period. I was told to keep the appointment and just be carefully and reasonable. So that is what I am doing here in Mexico, being reasonable and careful just like I was at home.

So with all that being said I have ventured out to Sorianos for groceries, everything looks the same in the store only far less people shopping and no baggers. I really miss the baggers as I am lousy at it.

I did go to the beach to buy fish from the fishermen. I knew exactly what I wanted made my purchase quickly as it was quite busy and came home sanitized and repackaged it into meal size servings and now I am set for 2 weeks of great fish meals. Still will need to pick up fresh produce every few days.

From my balcony viewpoint of a busy street most cab drivers wear masks. Me personally I wouldn’t get into a cab with a driver who wasn’t wearing a mask.

I’m planning to go to the beach soon, but as it is Friday this is the days that large buses deliver large groups of nationals for a fun weekend at the beach so I think I will wait until Monday for a beach trip. For someone who used to swim a mile a day regularly for years, I haven’t been in the water since March, I’m hoping I can still swim and haven’t lost too much endurance.

I’m operating on my new, well new to me Ipad. I have a lot to learn about it, Not sure yet on how to get pictures in. But I have all winter to practice, just bear with me. Signing off KO@zihuathyme


It’s official name is Ecco Tianquis Sanka ( hope I have spelled it right) and it is a market of local artist, bakers, craftsmen. Here you can purchase interesting organic foods, healthy baked goods and many home made crafts made from recycled materials.  It is a visual feast of bright colors, pleasant sounds and smells and friendly local  folks selling their wares. Sometimes there are farm fresh eggs, heirloom tomatoes, garden plants, herbs and spices. Their are also hand made clothing, embroidered blouses, paintings. You will find jewelry made from nature and also recycled CD”s. You can be sure of finding a one of a kind item to bring back as a gift for a friend that is truly Mexican. The coffee is good, come to the little plaza

across from the museum and nest to the school to get your breakfast served on a banana leaf and enjoy some local music and color and socialize with friends new and old. And also drop off your recyclable items help keep Zihuatanejo clean. Signing off KOIMG_0211