Mexico Makes Me Smile!!!

Smiles come in various types. Some smiles are in awe of phenomenal beauty such as sunrises in Zihuatanejo.

Some times I smile in appreciation of a street performance or friends who

Street dancer

are musicians.









Other times the smiles comes from the self satisfaction of having accomplished something.


Finishing my 1.75 open ocean sharkfest swim

Sometimes a smile comes when something simple amuses me and other times it comes from complete bewilderment as when I discovered the only fax machine in Zihuatanejo is in a pinball parlor.


Other times is’s a smile of relief knowing the Senor is going to  be OK as he is airlifted to the hospital.

The senor being air lifted to hospital

Kids playing in the sand and surf, good food, good friends and pink flowers that pop open only at night all make me smile.





Or walking out on the balcony to see that a cruise ship has arrived during the night.  




Seeing old traditions continue, but still keeping up with the times

Traditional street vendor carrying items on her head,
but note while talking on her cell phoneMexico makes me smile, life in Mexico really make me happy.  Signing off KO