Feliz Cumpleanos and Frustrating electronics.

My camera is broken, now I am using my cell phone camera. It has taken me 3 days to figure out how to get the pictures trapped in the phone down loaded to the computer and once there find them again.The Senor and I  gathered with friends at El Meditereano for dinner, a lovely courtyard restaurant shaded by a huge tree. As it was an outside location I thought it would be cool. Wrong! the courtyard seemed to have trapped the heat of the day.

I guess that big tree doesn’t provide enough shade during the day because it was very warm there. The courtyard is pretty, but so dimly lit it was difficult to read the menu.On the positive side,the  menu was excellent  and the food was very good. I was serenaded by strolling  Mexican troubadours who upon request sang “De Colores” for me.. It was a fantastic evening spent with good friends

Everything electronic is just a bit wonky right now.  The real camera will only snap 1 picture and that is as it is turned on, so you have to have it aimed before turning it on. Then turn it off and aim and turn on again. The cell phone only functions as a camera here. Now my new computer is stuck on trying to shut down, but it won’t shut down, so I can reboot it. I unplugged it and I thought that when the battery ran down I could re boot it. . Nope still won’t work.Computer isn’t 6 months old yet. sure glad we brought both computers. This all makes taking pictures a bit more of a challenge, but I will pursue.  Signing off KO