Today the Senor and I went to Ixtapa Island, a great place for snorkeling.  The trip in itself is always an adventure as we go by local bus. It’s probably a 30-45 minute bus ride.  We walk a half dozen blocks to catch the bus, always worrying if we have the correct change, and since the price has not gone up we pay our 20 pesos and climb on board.

"Bus Musician"
“Bus Musician”

After a couple of stops a local “bus musician” got on and serenaded us enroute.  We tipped him  a few pesos ,and marveled at the fact the bus could actually stop even though the screech of the brakes indicated otherwise.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA The bus was well decorated with many hanging fuzzy dice and a baby doll swinging in a hammock.  I guess all this reflects the personality of the driver.

At Playa Linda, the embarking place for the Island, we encounter some of the local inhabitants as there is a large wild life preserve there with dozens of” OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAcrocodillos”  obviously iguana isn’t on their menu.

We board the boat and head for  Paraiso Escondido our favorite beach restaurant were we had hoped to meet up with friends, but their plans must have changed as they didn’t arrive. None the less we had a great lunch of a garlic and butter grilled dorado fillet. This part of Mexico is heaven for a “fishetarian” like me. I did a little snorkeling, but there doesn’t seem to be as many colorful fish as there have been in previous years.  All in all a very pleasant laid back day.

Doyle relaxing at Ixtapa Island
The Senor relaxing at Ixtapa Island

After a quick shower we went to the local Sams Club,(as in Walmart) why I don’t know.  It’s too much like shopping at home and every thing is in quantities like Costco.  I see no reason to return.  Back at the apartment we dinned on a really good crock pot chicken dinner that had been busy cooking while we were at play. Pretty impressive for me. Spending a quiet evening in as tomorrow (Saturday) I swim with the fishes! Wish me luck.




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