My flock of chickens


Started the day with a trip to feed “my flock” of chickens our kitchen scraps which now include our neighbors scraps for which the chickens are most grateful.  I stopped in to tell one of my favorite painters “Mayren” who I probably don’t have her name spelled correctly that she is a one of my face book friends.  Her shop is next to Fruity Keiko” and I think she does fantastic paintings.  Unfortunately I learned long ago here in Zihuatanejo I really can’t afford art.  (The sad story is on one of my very early blogs) but I like her work and recommend folks to stop by and see her and her paintings. She very friendly and pleasant. I then decided since there were no tables available for a cold coffee drink I would go on to ice cream.  Well our favorite shop near the church no longer exists and so I went back to  the main drag along the waterfront only to find one had none of my particular flavors and the other had no employee to dish it up.  After a 10 minute wait I gave up and went back to the apartment most disappointed. But i discoved a checker game in progress. Not your ordinary checkers, but very cleaver.Checker game

So much later in the day when we went to Ixtapa to see a movie and we found a gelato ice cream place with very good selection and really yummy stuff. IMG_5174There i saw the ugliest pair of pants, not my style though.

We went a little early as there is a store there that carries a lot of wide legged pant styles.  As I had knee replacement surgery in October and still have some residual swelling on that knee plus the few extra pounds I put on during 2 months of very limited activity I needed some pants with extra room and found them there. Then on to Ice Cream store for dinner, followed by a long walk up and down hotel row waiting for the theatre to open for our showing of “The Life of Pi” enjoyed with a bag of popcorn and a cab ride back to the apartment where I now sit consuming several glasses of wine hoping I can anethasize(no mastter how I try to spell it spell check can’t fix it) myself enough to sleep through the horrid loud music that comes from one bar that dosen’t seem to get started until about 10 or 11 and still is going at 6  am. after much consideration there now seems to be about 4-6 bars that are in competition for noisyest. It’s after 1:am I’m headed to bed. Turned the air conditioner on to help drowned out the noise, and put earplugs in. Saturday night bar noise is the only thing I dislike about Zihuatanejo

Sunday Am, once I got to sleep I slept ok, but the bars were still going strong at 5:30 AM  Still have trouble with pics, Signing off KO