From My Balcony

It’s Sunday morning and from my balcony I can hear the singing in the church which is only a block away, come Monday morning from my same location I’ll hear the Mexican Navy doing there calisthenics from their base 2 blocks away. On any Friday or Saturday night ( and sometimes well into the morning) I can hear the music and singing from several of the bars and cantinas.


Early morning Zihuatanejo BAY


I can observe the fishing boat lights in the early morning as they come in and also the occasional cruise ship.  I can view the street life as each day begins.  I recognize the sound of the knife sharpener’s whistle, the bicycle horn toot of the ice cream vendors, the call of “coco” from the men selling coconuts and other calls as women  carrying a variety of items in baskets on their heads whined their way through the streets.

I see a variety of mexican street dogs, mostly the medium-sized, yellow tail turned up variety, that some people refer to as “everywhere dogs”. Most of the dogs are skinny, flea-bitten, scared and a bit mangy looking, but sweet-tempered.

Hummingbird at next door neighbor's feeder

I watch small herds of hummingbirds as the feed on my balcony neighbors feeder and the one hung on the balcony across the street.  I wave good morning to my neighbors on their balconies across the street and enjoy a cup of coffee with our friends and neighbors on their balcony next door. I watch pigeons feeding their family under an old air conditioner on the movie  down the street. I watch with anticipation as they change the movie markee to see if there is a new movies I want to see.


I watch folks hanging their wash on the roof top clothes lines. I watch as a grey cat trots along the terracotta roof tiles. and if I lived here I would grow plants and garden on my balcony.

I bring my net book to the balcony and I read my kindle on my balcony.  I eat breakfast and dinner here on my balcony, but not lunch as it is too hot at that time.

From my 3rd floor perch I watch sunrises and sunsets, I start every day here and end every day here. It’s been a wonderful place to observe mexican life and learn about there culture.  I will miss this very much.

   Sunrise from my balcony


Signing off KO