Another Adventure into the Wilds of Mexico

Fishermen at Barra de Potosi
The Senor in the pasajara

Well not exactly the wilds, but out into the countryside.

Sights along the way

We had won on a raffle tickets to “El Refugio de Potosi”, the  wildlife eco park. We decided Friday would be a good time to go, it had sprinkled the night before and was very cloudy with sprinkles predicted for the day. And we thought that it would have been better for viewing the wildlife when it’s cooler and they are more active.  We had the brochure, so we knew the hours and days of operation and once again we plan to take the bus. We have been there before and we know the name of our bus stop, Los Achotes, as you pay by your destination when you get off. We knew it would cost each of us 13 pesos or about a dollar each way for the 10 mile ride.  This bus stops at every cross roads or when anyone waves it down.  After getting off at Los Achotes, we then catch the” passajara” which is a big pickup truck with benches on the sides and a tarp canopy over the top for the next 5 miles to the Refugio.  It has no schedule, it just leaves when the driver feels he has enough passengers, we are the first to climb on and eventually we are joined by 6 other Mexican passengers and off we go.  It stops long enough at the entrance to the Refugio for to get off and it goes another 3-4 miles to Barre de Potosi village and lagoon where there are many ocean side restaurants, outside palapa type are located.

As we approached the entrance we see the gate to the parking lot is shut, and a sign is posted on the gate that very clearly says in spanish, new hours of operation only open Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday.  Even I can read it with my limited language skills. Now we are literally 3 – 4 miles from anywhere and no clue as to when a “passajara” will pass by again.  We decide we will go on to Barra de Potosi for lunch rather than just return back to Zihuatanejo.  At this time we didn’t  know quite how far it was to Barra de Potosi and rather than stand around waiting we decided we would walk and if we got tired we’d flag down what ever passed by first, passajara or taxi.  We hadn’t gone far when a taxi came by and we climb in and rode the rest of the way and glad we did as it was a good 3-4 miles.

I’ve only been to Barre de Potosi a couple of times and there are these very large eating establishments, many, many picnic tables on the sand and covered from the weather with tarps and no one there. I think they get quite busy on weekends with mexican families and large groups.  We picked one at random, ordered our drinks, asked the waiter how many oysters were in an order he said 12 so we decided to share an order of oysters. My spanish is limited to nouns and verbs and simple phrases and I do ok in restaurants and stores reading menus and asking simple questions.  We had read the menu it listed several types of fish and how they were cooked, but the oysters were just listed as “ostiones” (sp?) and sure enough we were brought 12 raw oysters on the half shell. Now one or two raw oysters I can do but not a whole plate of them, I finally was able to convince him that we wanted them cooked, cocido was as close as I could remember and yes he brought them back beautifully cooked and we had a great lunch before returning to Zihuatanejo.

A siesta, dinner by candle light on our balcony, then Senor opted to stay in and watch TV while I went out to watch our “local boys” play at Pacalos.  Just another interesting day in paradise.  signing off KO

Playas Las Gatas or a day at the beach

It was a great day at one of our favorite beaches, took the water taxi across and discovered there are two water taxi companies and the one that docks on the starboard side of the pier is a bit easier to getting on and off.  It’s still a bit of a challenge, but there are always very strong young men to assist for a few coins and they are worth every centavos we pay them.  As soon a we docked we met Juanita, my jeweler, after a hello and a hug she promised she would stop by and see me later.

We picked Oliverio’s to eat and relax and swim from and it was a good choice recommended by one of our party.  There were 6 of us. The snorkeling was fabulous as the water was clearer than I think I’ve ever seen it and the colorful fish were closer in.  I sort of scoot out on my rear until the water is just deep enough to float in and as i turned over to swim and snorkel just to my right was a platter size Manta Ray, well it was a ray at least, couldn’t have been 5 feet from the shore.  Luckily I hadn’t sat on him, they don’t bother you unless you bother them first.

The margaritas were wonderful, the beer was cold, I bought a new necklace from Juanita and we had a wonderful filette veracruz.

I also think what made this day extra fun was knowing that is was snowing to beat the band back home and we didn’t have to deal with it.  It’s now after 9 pm, I’m sipping wine on our balcony listening to and watching the street life as a warm breeze blows.  Life is good, signing off KO

Fillette Veracruz at Oliverios on Playa Las Gatas
"Mexican Still Life"