I’ve had lot of difficulty with my “blog” program.  I will write several paragraphs and suddenly it all disappears except for the last two characters I’ve typed and at that moment the program will do an auto save.  It should be doing it every few minutes, but it isn’t.  So then I get to start all over again.  I dislike rewriting intensely, I enjoy editing but not a complete rewrite. The result is I don’t rewrite, but get a glass of wine and my book which never fails to please. This has greatly slowed down the blogging.  I did discover a couple of blogs that should have posted and didn’t. Why I do not have a clue.  So from now on I will write in “word” copy and paste on to word press to place the pictures that way I should not loose text.

My “Classe de Espanol” is getting difficult.  We are into past tense of verbs and spanish sentences are constructed differently than English with verbs and pronouns located differently depending on if it is a question or not.  Lots of rules of order plus an ever increasing vocabulary to learn.  It’s tough teaching old dogs!

One of the things I especially enjoy about Mexico is the sounds of the street vendors. Our water is delivered by a young man who honks the horn and calls out “agua keen” and we wave at him throw down our key for him to carry up a garafon of drinking water.. The ice cream vendors use a bicycle bell to announce their arrival, the knife sharpener blows a tin whistle, but many just call out their wares by name in sing song fashion. I hear “cocooooo” from the coconut man and ” bo yeee yo” from the man that delivers our bollio rolls. The Senior thought my idea a little wacky at first but has come to embrace and use it. I have a string bag on a rope with a little baggie for the coins and as he come by I call out to him, drop down the bag from our 2nd story back porch and tell him how many I need. He fills my bag takes the change and I reel up fresh warm bollios. Works great, saves time!

We have frequently bought silver jewelry from our favorite beach vendor and this year while sipping mango margaritas at a favorite restaurant along the water front I purchased several more gifts to bring home from other strolling vendors.  I think is the very best way to shop; let the stores come to you.  Signing off KO