Rain in Paradise? No problema!

For the second day in a row we have had some rain. But this is not a problem, it has lowered the temperature enough that my day time wanderings don’t leave me prespiring.  Still wear the same sun clothes, not enough rain to really get wet and the temperature is still close to 80, tourists are loving it, but some locals have to put on long sleeves and long pants.  They think it’s cold.

I did a little local shopping for some things we are getting low on, trying to be careful so we don’t have too much as we are definitely on our down hill run and aren’t sure what is going to work for storage here. Have a couple of possible options, but nothing positive yet.  Spent most of the day on the balcony reading, with the cloud cover and some sprinkles it wasn’t necessary to retreat from “the noon day sun”.

The view from our table At Puerto del Sol when we arrived

This evening we went out to dinner at Puerto del Sol on La Ropa.  It had a nice view, folks there told us the view was much better before the condo’s were built.  But none the less I got a couple of nice sunset shots.  I had my favorite, cold avocado soup and the Senor had a steak he declared quite delicious. We then stopped by the Flophouse Bar for a drink, it’s one of our favorites and then we moved on to have ice cream at one of the many ice cream shops in town and back to the apartment.  The Senor headed upstairs to the apartment while I opted to stay downstairs as the gathering of locals and tourists was beginning to happen in front of Javier’s liquor Store and Scooter Rental establishment.  During the course of the evening I

The view at sunset

visited with a senior couple that have been married less than a year with homes in Vancouver and Sequim WA, a young couple with 2 young kids traveling with Grampa from Ukiah CA and a gentleman from the Pendleton Oregon area and 2 or 3 mexican gentlemen, some with some without english capabilities.  All in all another interesting evening.   Tomorrow we attempt the Refugio again.  Signing off KO