Dave, me and the Senior at Mi Casa

The Senior and I along with friends Dave and Vickie went to Troncones on Friday to stay and play at Mi Casa Es Su Casa before doing the 1.1 mile  Sharkfest swim on Saturday. Enjoyed the food and the pool there but have discovered cabs are very expensive in Troncones and in future years will stay closer to Hacienda Eden where us Sharkfesters assemble Saturday morning.

There were 22 entrants this year, with the youngest swimmer being 24 years old and the oldest 79, I was the next oldest. The surf was quite flat which pleases me easier to get in and out of. And I have learned a bit about riding the waves or diving through them and they are not quite as intimidating as before. But nonetheless  getting in the water at Majhua was a bit of a challenge as we were walking on rocks for quite a way before the water was deep enough to swim and one swimmer never made it off the beach due to a stingray.  Once I get to water deep enough to float then I can get my fins on, I prefer to do this after I have passed the breakers, but didn’t wait today as I wanted off those miserable rocks. Now my fit-bit says I swam just  mile and did it in 47 minutes.  That’s about a standard time for me swimming in a pool.  I was sure I swam more than a mile as the paddle boarders who keep us on course were forever turning me in the right direction.  I can’t swim a straight line in a pool and sure try to head out to sea in the open ocean.

This is not a competition, there are no time keepers, most of us are happy to finish

Swimmers coming in

swimming strong, and of course I never want to be the last one in.  I had asked the senior to be ready to help me get standing after the swim.  I always find it difficult to stand up at the shore edge with the sand and waves pulling you back and with my

me at the finishline

new knee my balance is still a bit unsteady at times.  Once at the shore edge I had a heck of a time getting my fins off as the breakers, small as they maybe, kept pushing me around and by the time I got the right one off I had done some damage to my 3rd toe.  Probably just a sprain, but it hurts and is purple and has me limping a bit.  Swimming is easy, getting in

Purple toe

and out of the ocean is not easy for me.

The Senior only had his “pre smartphone” cell phone to take pictures with and then the only way I could transfer them to the computer was to use my phone to take a picture of the picture on his cell phone. So picture not so good.  All and all it was a good day, I will keep lap swimming and participating.  Signing off KO

A Stormy Time In Troncones

Friends had a certificate for a couple of day at Mi Casa Su Casa in Troncones.  We decided to join them and reserved a room. They had a very nice 2nd level room with good cooking facilities and a very large balcony with a hammock. Ours was a very nice, but small room

and no cooking facilities but a large tiled out door area with hammock. We arrived noonish and were able to get right into our room, we had lunch and played in the pool and joined our friends at their room for conversation on their large balcony over a couple of bottles of wine and a bottle of Rye Whiskey. We could see the weather starting to deteriorate  as we were discussing where we would go to dinner.

Well the weather decided that issue for us as it began to rain like it can only rain in the tropics. The guys quickly bared the elements and made the rush to the in house restaurant that was starting to close up due to the weather and ordered dinner for us that was soon delivered to the room. We enjoyed a pleasant meal while we watched palm trees sway and listened to the ocean roar.

The Senor and I ran to our room as quickly as two senior citizens run and were only mildly wet. We were tired from a good  meal and plenty to drink and had no trouble falling asleep, but woke very early in the am to the sound of crashing thunder and a few flashes of light and the sound of dripping rain. Yes, dripping rain inside our room.  To be exact directly

This is where it rained

dead center dripping on our bed. Fortunately it was dead center as we each hugged the outer edge to try to sleep at least until daylight.

Once we informed the manager he was quick to up grade us to a nicer, larger room  across the hall from our friends at no additional cost. The rest of the day was an on again off again rain storm and during one off the off periods we attempted to make it down the road a block to a restaurant for dinner. But wouldn’t you know half way to the restaurant another tropical storm dumped on us. But we continued on, a little torrential down pour can’t frighten us, we are from Washington! It was a good meal and retreated back to our 20160309_050653neighbors balcony for more libation and conversation and then on to our own room and a  nice dry bed. The storm seamed to abate in the morning I walked the beach for an hour and marveled at the high surf and heavy waves.But all good things must come to an

Waiting for the Troncones bus
Waiting for the Troncones bus

end and we left in sunny skies to return to Zihuatanejo and an evening at Guitarfest.  Signing off KO


Surprise Trip to Troncones

Dinning area with pool in background

Friends invited us to go with them for a day trip to Troncones.  Much to my surprise the Senor said yes, he would like to go. Even though his sciatica is really bothering him he was tired of doing nothing.  So 3 couples set off for Mi Casa Es Su Casa, a new destination for us in Troncones.

The trip in itself is always an adventure as you travel through many dusty little villages with folks getting on and off along the way carrying a variety of packages, including one very well behaved chicken that sat on his masters lap and was very content to just be petted. Luckily we caught the big bus  on the trip out and it wasn’t even crowed, but not so lucky on the return trip, where our 14 passenger bus soon held 20 some people and a large basket of bread, the kind they wear on there heads while hawking it.

Mi Casa Es Su Casa is a lovely place right in the village with a white sand beach with

White sand beach and rolling surf

rolling surf, a nice pool and covered patio dinning area. I think paddling around in the pool helped the Senor feel better, at least relieved some of the stress. .water in the pool was delightfully warm and we all began to look “prune-ified”  before getting out. We enjoyed a pleasant, leisurely lunch while watching the waves.


At the Sailfest auction  Paul and Faye had purchased  a 2 night stay at this establishment and wanted to make reservations for it plus one

Paul and Faye

night. We enjoyed our day so much that the Senor decided we could come out again when they did and we reserved for 2 nights in March.  All in all it was a lovely day with good friends, and looking forward to more good times.

Signing off KO