Bienvenido 2019

img_1141When I was a child, about 8 years old, my parents explained to me that it would be 2000 before we had a new century.  I got to figuring it out and I was going to be in my 60’s and flatly stated that was terrible, I would be too old to have any fun on New Years.  Well we aren’t quite the party animals we were at the turn of the century put we still went out with friends, ate , drank, saw the New Year in with our toes in the sand watching the fire work all around Zihuatanejo Bay.  Little did the 8 year old me know, it’s 19 years past the turn of the century and I’m still not to old to have fun and celebrate.

The Senor went fishing with his friend Dave both of them caught a dorado.  They are really good eating.  I put up enough fish in our freezer for at least 12 meals. img_0976 While the Senor went fishing my friend and I went shopping, but first a stop at “Fishers” at the Ixtapa marina for breakfast.  They have the most delicious breakfast cocktails where I indulged in a Pepinillo a mix of liquid cucumbers, lemon and lime soda and Tangarey and a fantastic poblano enchilada and egg dish. Then on to the shopping at the MicMac shop which specializes in very cool clothes made of img_1144very cool cotton.  It’s hard to say who enjoyed the day more, the Senor and I.

This morning when I arrived at the swimming pool for my morning laps there was no one in the pool.  There usually are two or three other folks enjoying the pool, but this morning I had the entire Olympic size pool entirely to my self for a full 45 minutes. Great way to start a day. My ” Sharkfest” swim is just a week away. Signing off KO


Cheapskates or Down to Our Last 4 Pesos

needs no watering

Once again my neighbor and I visited the Saturday Market to sample some of the delicious food that is prepared there. This time we were prepared with out own coffee cups, and take out dishes to reduce waste and following the principle of reuse and recycle. My purchases for the day consisted of a

Saturday Market food

pretty hanging pot of ivy made from recycled material, that will never need watering. Some local honey, a pasta salad that was not only tasty but healthy, 2 Championes tamales for the Senor and a small but thoughtful gift for a graduating granddaughter who like to journal.

But that was only the beginning of my shopping. We had planned to go see “Revenent” in Ixtapa and I wanted to stop at the MicMac shop for a pair white slacks.  Well 3 pairs of pants and a dress later we had spent most of our cash as they offer a 15% discount for cash. Next we stop for an ice cream and then on to the movies.  I guess we are used to movies prices in Zihua, but they were almost double what we expected so after buying our tickets, 1 popcorn and soda to share and carefully putting aside 20 pesos for the bus ride home we were down to out last 4 pesos. As we waited for the movie to start we kinda grumbled that we would only go to movies  in the future on the 2 for one nights or only in Zihuatanejo when it dawned on us. We were actually grumbling about 180 pesos

Don Memos lovely mission style restaurant

which is about $10. Try doing that back  in the States. Then we really got to giggling because our only real complaint was ourselves, and our own lack of being prepared.  So with 4 pesos in our pocket we got back to Zihuatanejo, hit the ATM and had a lovely dinner at Don Memos. Signing off KO