Valentines Day in Mexico

Valentines Day seems to be a very big deal here in Zihuatanejo. Huge displays in the stores, beautiful flower

Valentine's Day street vendor

arrangements in the florist shops, balloons and trinkets being vended on the streets and beaches. As today was the day the maid came to clean we went out to lunch at Elvira’s and the proprietor gave me a red rose.

We had some very good news today, Javier our apartment manager will store a suitcase for us.  That way we can leave our beach towels, bath towels our sun shield extra set of curtains, the crock pot we bought and other miscellaneous kitchen stuff we’ve bought to make this a real home away from home here and not have to lug extra luggage around airports.

As this is our last week here we are making sure that we have bought all the gifts we want to bring home, gone all the places we want to see for this year.

Top floor right side our home away from home!We will be making our reservations for next year for 6 weeks, the same time of year. I had wanted to hear Michelle Lavalle sing as we had missed her at the Sailfest Concert and knew she was going to be at Bandito's tonight so I had planned that I would go for an ice cream at the ice cream store next door and get to her her sing, But the Senor suggested we go for a drink at Bandito's and later decided we would do dinner there. He selected the steak and I had "fish molecejete" which is basically a fish stew, with cactus and other veggies in a tomato sauce topped with cheese. It is served in a stone bowls bubbling hot. Of course we brought home the leftovers andFish Molecejete

I’ll eat for a couple of days off it.  It was great! As were the margarita’s, many of them. Michelle La Valle is an excellant singer, a Canadian married to a Mexican.  She sang a variety of both American and Mexican music. An absolutely great evening!  When we arrived back at our apartment, as frequently happens a group had gathered and Javier offered us beer and tequila.  Here one sips tequila, no one does shots!  Well maybe the Senor Frog crowd in Ixtapa.  One last tequila was all I could manage and off to bed for us.  Signing off KO