Our Days are Numbered

We headed out to Playa Las Gatas today for one last snorkeling trip, I had bought some tropical fish food the night before to take snorkeling  with me.  I would open the jar and sprinkle some at a time.  At one point I must have had

Beach Entertainment

50 fish swimming all around me, absolutely fantastic! Next year I must have either an underwater camera or I’ll just put mine in one of the “otter packs” I have for swimming with a CD player.  I also need book or chart so I can identify some of the fish I see.

Tropical drink ordered by friends we met at the beach

After a shower and a quick siesta we head out to eat at a small restauranrt that we won a gift certificate to, Marciscios Sextinos, which  have probably spelled wrong.  As we walked down Calle Adeleta, there were several places with many customers in them, but as we arrived at our destination we were the first folks there. With tourism down and many good places to eat here it didn’t surprise us too much, but nonetheless you do wonder if there is a reason it is under populated. But we had a great dinner, our host Pepe was charming and other guests did arrive.  I ordered Fish Machacas, again pardon the spelling, I had never heard of it, but Pepe explained to me it was prepared with pineapple and had a tamarindo sauce and I’m always game to try something new, the senor on the other hand had Chicken Fajitas.  I offered him a taste and he replied “manana” which has become a catch phrase with us as it dosen’t mean tomorrow,  just not today. So much for his adventurous eating!  We promised Pepe we would come back and I hope we do.  We’ve come to that point in our trip where we don’t plan to buy any more groceries and will do most of our eating out for our last few days.  Number one, we aren’t broke, and number two we don’t want to waste a lot of left overs and unused stuff.

Upon our return to our apartment the clan had gathered at “Liquor store and Scooter Rental Bar” about a half dozen mexican friends and our neighbors Dwight and Lynn and friend Jack were among them.  I sat down to join them and tell of our dinner when Javier handed me a Tequila shot for sipping and the Senor made his excuses and headed up stairs.  I visited for a short period of time then decided to call it a night. Now as I’m sitting on the balcony at midnight in still 80 degree weather, listening to a mexican outdoor concert in a field a few blocks away, which promises to go on for many more hours.  But I can’t complain as so far the music is pleasant, loud, but not too bad as it is several blocks away.  But I remember that I failed to post anything yesterday.  So here goes yesterday.

Yesterday was Thursday and in Zihuatanejo Thursday is Pazole Day and I has heard that an Ixtapa restaurant had great Pazole and a floor show to boot so I was determined to go.  But before we could go I wanted to go the the Flophouse bar for the 6:00 happy hour as Al was playing with Ralph and Roberto, we caught their showas they headed out to their performances elsewhere we  headed out to Ixtapa and went to the No  Se Los Digas Nadia restaurant and arrived during the floor show which included singers and dancers.  The Senor informed me that the girls weren’t girls, but I couldn’t tell.  The entire crowd was Mexican, and the Pazole was most excellant and a good night was had by all.  Tomorrow Saturday my main objective is to make our reservations for 6 weeks in 2013.  So if

Our little kitchen

any of our friends would like to join us for a week or more next year, there are apartments available in our building for about $37 a day, which include a kitchen, cable TV and Wifi and air conditioning and weekly maid service, just let us know.  Signing off KO