Another Lazy Day

My morning walk took me in a different direction this morning as I had no scraps for my chickens.  I headed away from the bay about 4-5 blocks and came across this park dedicated to heroes with this fantastic mural and then on another street they were continuing the over the sidewalk coverings.  these covered sidewalks are really appreciated in the heat of the day and I’m sure they are equally great in the rainy season.  But it fascinates me how the tiles are just set there with only gravity holding them in place.  A little later in the day, when we went to find a shoe shop to add holes to the Senor’s belt the work men were placing the tiles.  No roof top delivery here, every thing is manual.  My next site was one so common and daily here in Zihuatanejo done so religiously is the daily washing and sweeping of the store front.  Every shop keeper takes a small bowl of water and splashes it around the sidewalk tiles to keep the dust down while sweeping every thing clean.  Every day every shop!

It was laundry day and new to our apartment building this year is roof top

Mexican manual clothes dryer

laundry area.  Of course the machine is all in Spanish but it wasn’t too difficult to figure it out and of course the mexican dryer was a cinch…all manusl.  Well my pictures came out larger than planned, but it is easier to leave them than try to correct.  Plan of the day is snorkeling at Ixtapa Island, signing off KO