Changing Sounds and Growing Tomatos

Sunrise from our roof top

I am an early riser, frequently up long before the sun. I used to say the roosters would wake the dogs and the dogs would wake the people and that is how Zihuatanejo comes  to life each morning. But I’m not hearing roosters this year, and I miss that, but I still hear the dogs. Another sound I miss is the musical sound of the gas man as his horn tooted the “charge call ” followed by him calling out GAAAAAAZ.  Some mornings we hear revelry from the Navy base, that’s familiar music to the Seniors ears.

Frequently I wake up to the scritch scritch of the street sweepers as they clean our street, shortly followed by the bakery man singing out “bollios” as he winds his way through the streets. He will be followed by the coconut man calling “coco, coco”.We have a neighbor with a parrot which adds a whole cacophony of interesting sounds.  Next the sound of metal garage style doors being rolled up as one by one shops and restaurants begin to open.  I still hear the tin whistle sound of the knife sharpener and the clown bell sound of the ice cream vendors. But I haven’t heard the steam whistle sound of the sweet potato man yet this year. All these sounds make up the rich fabric that makes Zihuatanejo so special.

The tomato farm

The Senior’s tomato farm is flourishing, the Senior noticed his first tomato today.  Granted it is the size of a pea, but the photo shows not only one

red arrows show tomatoes

tomato, but two. Retirement is such fun, you get excited over the simplest of things.  Signing off KO