As we move further into November it keeps getting hotter.  Most unusual! It should be getting cooler. Depending on which weather channel you tune into the highs are in the low to mid 90’s and you get the “feels like” at about 100-106 . The breeze that usually blows in off the bay is non existent.

Sun setting on Zihuatanejo Bay

A storm is predicted for Tuesday which hopefully will cool things down a bit.

I have a couple of home projects that I am working on.  Yesterday I bought new curtain rods for my apartment. I have an electric drill and drill bits for concrete.  I also picked up fabric to recover my

new fabric


couch.  It got stained last year and i wasn’t able to get it clean.

My limited Spanish helps in making purchases and  “google translate” helps me with words I don’t know . But Tuesday I will resume Spanish classes.  Last year I started with my friend Faye and another couple and it will be with the same group again. It should be fun.

I came across a little restaurant with some unusual seating and then later saw these beautiful swings.  In my yard at home I have had a wood board swing for years.   I think I will have to replace it with one of these beauties.  Signing off KO