Hoy es muy interesante/ today was very interesting

2 9 11  A couple of days ago we were invited and attended a time share presentation and were given a full day pass, ( full food, beverage and use of facilities) at  Resort in Ixtapa.  The senor and I had actually stayed there 6 years ago for a week.  So we set off with our neighbors Dwight & Lynn to shamelessly retrieve the fruits of our “time share whore routine”.  We arrived about 10:30 for breakfast, enjoyed a great buffet breakfast and of course it was all you could eat so we took our time and made the most of it.  Then we moved over to the pool and sunned ourselves and swam and visited with some folks that we knew that were staying there.  Then of course it was drink time, screw drivers for the gentlemen, a margarita for Lynn and brandy Alexanders for me.  Then we went back to the buffet for lunch followed by more drinks and more swimming and sunning . Then our friends invited us up to their quarters to get a little better taste of how the other half-lives. Jo & Des are from Canada also and spend 6 weeks in Mexico, 3 weeks in the apartment right under us and 3 weeks at Pacifica where they have had time share for over 20 years. Des prefers Zihua as there is so much activity and life right out your door, but they both agree the view they have at the Pacifica is fantastic and as is the quick access to the beach.( Just call transport and they will drive you down to the beach).  We spent a couple of hours visiting, having cocktails and enjoying the amazing view of the ocean and beach from their condo deck.  Then to round out our day we went to one of their more upscale restaurants at Pacifica with an Italian menu. We were seated beside an infinity pool with a great view of the sunset and the ocean.  The senor prefers more plain food, he wants his spegheti with meat ball or meat sauce, not with shrimp and anchovies and other great sounding stuff, but he finally settled on duck and said it was good.  I had “catch of the day” which was mahi mahi in a great white wine sauce.  I would probably like french cooking as I like everything saucy. Our friends ordered lasagna and pork cutlets.  Dinner was fantastic, the service excellent and we left a nice tip as we did for our breakfast, lunch and bar service.  Tips was all the whole entire day cost us, plus 90 minutes of our time 2 days ago. And lets face it we are on vacation with a lot more time than money. Just maximizing our vacation pesos!  Signing off KO