Note the trailer loaded with at least 12 cages of puppies.  Even the Federales couldn't resist cute puppies.
Note the trailer loaded with at least 12 cages of puppies. Even the Federales couldn’t resist cute puppies.

The bus ride here is a very pleasant 4 hour trip. The bus is air-conditioned to the point of needing a sweater or jacket.  We had carefully checked out the day and night temps here before we left and brought our nylon sweat suits.  Hope we will be warm enough this evening. Day time is 79 and nights are low of 56 so coming from 89 degree days and 70 degree nights, it’s cool here.  Upon leaving the bus depot we hailed a cab and asked to go to the Zocolo, just like guide books and friends recommend. He looked at me like I had suggested a trip to mars. We next gave him the name of a hotel recommended, Hotel Alameda, he then requested we write it down.  I hope he was hard of hearing as I know I pronounced the hotel right. He didn’t give us a great feeling of confidence as we started off hopefully for where we asked. Uruapan is a much larger city than I anticipated, but we reached our destination, got our room and all is well.  Hotel comfortable, clean, good, but dated.  We will miss our 1/2 acre bed back in Zihuatanejo.

We set out to explore the Zocolo and find a place for lunch.  This part of town has myriad of stores, small stores, many wedding stores, a large market with tons of little stalls, but no what we would call restaurants that we saw. We did see many tiny restaurants and finally found one that advertised albondigas which we both like.  Once inside it was long and narrow with tile walls and in came the loudest street singers I have ever heard. Couldn’t finish our order with the waitress until they left. The menu said they had Menudo which I like, but Greg if you are reading, this it sure isn’t like they serve at the Tienda in Bremerton. It was a thin broth with rice in the bottom.  Should have had the albondigas.  All that walking wore the Senor out so we went back to hotel for a siesta with plans to walk to the National Park in the morning.

After breakfast at the same café we had dinner we headed out to find the National Park. Street signs pointed the way and it was about a 10-15 minute walk up a steady incline through the oldest part of Uruapan, with interesting buildings and local shops.

The park is so beautiful it is magical. The Senor and I took over 50 pictures and didn’t delete a one. No mater where you look either waterfalls for plants, trees and flowers. I saw a poinsettia tree that was well over 6 ft tall with still a few red leaves. I will say no more about the park and just try to post a few pictures although the computer is really fighting me.

The Federales are here everywhere, there are at least 50-75 or more visible at all times around the zocolo. We walked behind one who carried a 9mm side arm, m16 rifle, and a m60 machine gun. But if you smile at them they will return your smile and I’ve even had one say Buenos Dias to me. We have noticed no bars and haven’t seen any real restaurants just cafes. Had to find a “Merza” to get a bottle of wine. Tomorrow Lake Patzcuaro.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
Signing off KO



We are off at 8:00 on a bus trip to Uruapan and Lake Patzcuaro this morning. My little net book is misbehaving so badly it is taking me hours to do anything on it. Picture down loading very slow and I continually get “google is not responding” “Explorer is not responding,” and being a slow typist on top of that left me so frustrated yesterday I gave up. So on the long bus ride I will have time to organize my thoughts and catch up on a couple of days and until Urauapan. Signing off KO

Parhikuni Bus  Business Class
Parhikuni Bus
Business Class

I guess I’m not signing off, I can hardly believe this but I am on line on the Parhikuni bus as we travel. No chickens or pigs, but one very upset cat howling in the baggage bay. We are on business class, not first class, but very, very nice.  Sure beats the heck out of Greyhound. Our seats recline there is a leg rest like a recliner chair and internet, movies an much more that I can’t figure out!

Our last couple of days have been very busy. We’ve started using our Sailfest Auction dinner certificates.  We like to bid on the dinners as it gets us to new places we might not have otherwise discovered.  And since auctions for the Senor are all about winning we always pick up several.

View of Zihuatanejo from "Mount Irma"
View of Zihuatanejo from “Mount Irma”

Sunday night we walked to the Hotel Irma for our dinner, the very long way as I thought I knew where I was going.  Upon arriving we met friends from my sail boat excursion who refer the hotel as Mount Irma, and I couldn’t agree more.  The restaurant was a lovely terrace with a view to die for.  The senor’s steak was to his liking but fillet in garlic and butter turned out to be breaded and not to my liking.  Our friend had the same fish with the same results.

We had a pleasant walk back downtown thru Calle Adelita where I saw a night blooming tree.  Absolutely fantastic!  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe next night we ate dinner at El Arrayan with friends Will and Sylvia right next to the tree and we were able to watch several of the blossoms opening up while we had a really great mahi mahi.  This time it really was in garlic and butter. We topped this off with ice cream with Kahula . Then for a night cap at the

Will, Sylvia, The Senor and I at Las Arrayanas
Will, Sylvia, The Senor and I at Las Arrayanas

Flophouse bar. Always so nice to never need a sweater no matter how late you stay.

The day before leaving on this trip I had time to get a pedicure, kind of a orange/bronze color and she then put tiger stripes over.  Quite cute!  I was then on my way to the little church to light a candle for our friend Jack who reluctantly  had to leave Zihuatanejo early with serious health issues when I ran into Iris and Preston at Tres Amigos.  We had met them the night of Christine’s birthday party but I was so indisposed that I didn’t get a chance to visit with them.  So I visited with them while they lunched and we had a very nice visit that had been missed before.

This was my second trip to the church with the candle as the first time I didn’t see anyway to light, had to return the next day with a clicker. I think one of the reasons we enjoy it here so much is that everything we do here is slower, we take much more time getting from one place to another as we mostly walk, and then we talk and point out different thing that interest us to each other. Our meals are more like events than just a necessity.  We meet people on the street and start up conversations with complete strangers and become friends. Here life slows down to a reasonable pace where we really do stop to watch the flowers blooming. From somewhere between Zihuatanejo and Uruapan gazing at very green countryside with the cat still howling in the baggage bay, Signing off KO