Las Gatas beach and opening day of Sailfest and a waiter from Hell

2 2 11 I had planned to go to Las Gatas beach with our neighbors & friends today but when the Senor woke up he said he was feeling better and could also go. So we set off for the water taxi to take us across the bay to our favorite beach where we settled in on the  beach lounge and ordered drinks, and lunch later.  The snorkeling was great, more fish today than I have ever seen at this spot.  So I tucked some tortilla chips into my swim suit and when I got out to the reef area I tore them into tiny pieces and began to feel  pied piper of the sea.  Suddenly there were 30-40 beautifully colored fish all swimming under me eating the bits of tortillas.  They followed me around as I swam, there were stripped ones solid one tiny neon blue ones, and a pair of rather plump black fish, (about eating size) with white polka dots all over.  It was the first time I ever saw any like that.  Fantastic experience!  Back at the beach our friends had ordered nachos, absolutely the worst nachos I have ever seen in Mexico, a few chips on a plate with “cheeze wiz” spread across them.  They sent them back, they were ugly!  But our meals were good.  I had avocado stuffed with shrimp and octopus. I had to pick out the octopus as it is far to dense and rubbery for me to eat, but that was ok as there was plenty of shrimp. We swam some more and then back to the water taxi for the return trip.  Thank god for strong young men as the tide was such that the water taxi didn’t match up with the stone steps and we all needed  help hoisting our old creaking bones from the boat to the pier.  A few pesos for a tip keeps us all safe and smiling. 

Back at our apartment we have just enough time to shower and head out to Rafa’s Bar, just a 1/2 block away for the Sailfest opening auction. It’s very crowded and noisy, you can’t hear the musican for the talking and our young waiter doesn’t seem to know any english and can’t seem to understand our spanish.  The Senor ordered a Pacifico and I tried to get a Kailua and milk, he returned with the Pacifico but no on my drink, so I ordered a mojito and he returned with a Pacifico for me , I said no and he returned with another waiter who spoke some english saying no mojito’s (appears there is a lack of mint in Zihu and/or it takes to long to make them when they are busy) so I order Kahlua on ice it comes in a glass with 2 huge chunks of ice on top of the Kahula, strange, but I drank it and next round I ordered white wine, he brought me a bottle of water, sent it back and he finally brought me the wine the next round I ordered white wine again and yes I do know how to do it in Spanish, he brings me the check. We had to call over another waiter to convince them we weren’t ready to leave.  I think it was wishful thinking on his part as I’m sure he thought we were the customers from hell, but our reality was he was the waiter from hell.

The auction was great, all proceeds from this week-long event go to supporting schools for the poorest children in Zihuatanejo.  It is strictly a volunteer organization that provides materials, so parents of these children can build the school themselves.  Rotary International then donates the tables chairs and such. The basic school will usually be a wash-house and one room that looks more like a rustic out-door shelter than what we think of as a school.  This money is also used to pay the wages of a teacher.  Many children in Mexico never have a chance at any education, many are working full-time by the time they are 12 or 14.  Anyway back to the auction, the Senor does love an auction, he bid on many items, but we picked up a couple of dinners out, I bid on a painting I really wanted until it got more than I could pay, but I did win out on a scuba diving trip for 2. I’m really excited about that, the Senor isn’t and I doubt that he will dive, but I will.  And so ends another busy day of leisure here in sunny Zihuatanejo.  Signing off  KO