Election day in Mexico

Some of the many beautiful ststues in Zihuatanejo
Statue in the zocolo or main plazaMorning street view fom my balconyFisherman in the morning
From the balcony towards the bay

1 30 11 Today the citizens of the state of Guerrero will elect a new Governor.  I’m told that they have a dry law that went into effect Sat midnight and lasts until Sunday midnight.  Except the restaurants that cater to tourists can still serve beer and booze with a special permit.  It’s kind of like their traffic laws, they are “more suggestions than laws”. 

Yesterday we did some grocery shopping, we went to the Senor’s favorite store the Comercial Mexicana,  and I will admit they do have just about everything and it is fairly quick to shop there. We can even use the debit card there. It’s a 20 peso cab ride away, which is the equivalent of almost $2. And the same back.  We bring our groceries back and then head out to the mercado for fresh fruits and vegies. Bought our daily supply of avocados, papayas, tomatoes, and even found some mangos.  We bought kilos of sea salt for friends and family at 5 pesos each about (50 cents) and some of the best string cheese I’ve ever had.  I must have bought about a yard of it, he kept unfolding a continuous strip about 2 inches wide until I said alto, stop.  A few more purchases then we walked back to our apartment for lunch, followed by siesta time

Later in the evening I tried, unsuccessfully, to find a good place to get a sunset picture and ended up watching the basketball game in the zocolo. Then back to the apartment for dinner and then across the street to the movie theatre.  Saw Los pequenos Fockers” or so the playbill said.  It was in english. Signing off KO