OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAFriends invited the Senor and I to spend the day with them at Ixtapa Island today, so back to the beach we went. Charlie and Christine picked up the 4 of us and we drove to Playa Linda were we caught the water taxi to the island. We always go to Paraisio Esconido where we get great food and service from Juan and his lovely wife.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

It was a beautiful day, a huge, beautiful yacht pulled in I swam out to it and if they OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAhad been friendly I was going to ask for a tour, but they weren’t friendly. What a disappointment!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERALunch was excellent, the company was also. The Senor and I got matching tattoo’s in an attempt OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAto scandalize¬†our children. They weren’t shocked, the replies I got were ” I hope it’s real” and “You are having too much fun”, haven’t heard from the rest yet.

One of the people we met there was from Lake Tahuya, WA. Small world, you have to be from our home area to have ever even heard of Lake Tahuya. But there on the beach of Island Ixtapa in Mexico is a beautiful 12th man flag. GO HAWKS!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

As the afternoon moved on many more boats arrived and moored out, one looked like the little brother to the big yacht, OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAobviously the same manufacturer. It was such a relaxing afternoon, but Mexico seems to have that effect on the Senor and I. Here we don’t get that guilty feeling for just laying back and enjoying ourselves our friends and this beautiful country. Signing off KO