Adios Zihuatanejo

Sunday night in Zihuatanejo is always an experience and our last Sunday was no exception. A carnival had come to town and st up just a couple of blocks away.  A very large carnival with lots of rides including roller coasters.  Pretty much a rag-tag out fit compared to what we have come to expect with our Fathoms of Fun Celebration in Port Orchard.  I’m usually up for most new experiences, but you couldn’t have paid me to get on one of their rides, especially in a country where there is no “liability issues”, which can translate to no safety regulations.

From the carnival I headed to the Zocolo to watch the dancers perform the native folk dances, couldn’t get close enough to get any good pictures, but as I turned to leave an impromptu Mardi Gras parade came thru, just a few folks with clever costumes complete with a band playing music. A great end to a last Sunday in Zihuatanejo!

Our last day in Zihuatanejo and so much of it is taken up with the organization of packing.  We came with 2 large suitcases, and 2 small carry ons. when we arrived we picked up a carry on size suitcase we had left with our shopkeeper friend.  This year we are leaving one of the large suitcases with our apartment manager which has everything from various kitchen items including our new crock pot to our beach and bath towels. some items are heavy others are just bulky and it just makes it easier if next year all we have to pack is our clothing and our personal care items and a couple of computers. So we are returning with 2 carry ons and one large suitcase.  I think this is progress

So with the organizing done we head out for lunch after dropping off our laundry at the Laundaria. I had a great new soup, I think it was squash corn and poblano chile in a great broth, the Senor of course had a hamburger.  We walked around town, visited with some friends for the last time this year, learned that pedicures cost 120 pesos, about 10 dollars.  Surprisingly enough my manicure has lasted 6 weeks, I haven’t even changed polish while I’ve been here.  That’s what a life of leisure (and a good manicurist) does for you.

We spent the afternoon in siesta mode, reading and watching TV then got real busy and went and picked up our nicely folded laundry and headed out for dinner.  Being a “fish-aterian” I absolutely love the food here and always try new menu items.  So tonight it was fish tacos al pastor, which was absolutely fantastic.  Topped of with ice cream at our favorite ice cream shop.  They have such a variety of wonderful flavors, with mango and capachino being near the top of the list. Tomorrow I will take what little produce we have left down to my chickens, and anything else left in our cupboards we will offer to our neighbor or our shopkeeper friend.

Tomorrow we will sadly pack the rest of our belongings,

Best eggs benedict in the world @ Zihua Pancake Houseeat our last meals here and head out to catch a plane back to the rain. Actually we will fly into LAX tomorrow and on to Seattle the next morning. I do want to thank the folks who have taken time to read this blog and have allowed me to share my joy and experiences of being in this wonderful country, and thank you to those who have left comment, they have been greatly appreciated. Signing off for the last time until Jan 10 2013 KOStreet artistYoung street artists at the Zocolo