Beach life & Zihua Saturday night

1 22 11 Saturday night in Zihuatanejo is a unique experience. Sort of a cacophony of sounds. From our balcony I can hear about 3 different bands, and a couple of radios. Some of the music is pleasant, one is just a loud band with very repetitious drum beat. 

Earlier this morning as I returned from my walk, they were setting up enormous speakers, with huge banners hanging from tall scaffolding. Guerrero state elections are at the end of this month. In the late afternoon and early evening there was a huge political rally at the zocolo.  Looked like everyone in town and more were there.  We could view the scene from the balcony, which was as close as I would want to get involved in Mexican politics.

Sort of started at the end of my day working backwards.  After my morning walk, we headed to Las Gatas beach to swim and snorkle.  Since it was Saturday the beach restaurants were busy with many Mexican families.  Not many tourists.  We tried a new place, Mesa de Pescador and had good beach chairs with umbrellas, plenty of beer and margaritas and a nice fish fillet for lunch.  While I snorkled “The Senor” was picking up little pieces of coral for my bird houses.  A little girl about 3 or 4 watched him and then started picking up coral and bringing it to him.  She was soon joined by her sister and brother all bringing him coral.  It was really quite sweet, but had a little trouble telling them enough. We met up with “my jeweler” Juanita.  I’ve purchased necklaces from her every year we go to Las Gatas.  She greets me like an old friend. And of course I bought 2 beaded necklaces and a pair of earings. It’s always a bit of an adventure riding the boat out to the beach, well the adventure isn’t in the ride it’s the getting on and off. The pier and the boat are not quite at the same level, but for a few coins there are young men to assist.  Still can’t do it gracefully!

I’ve been unable to send any email for the last couple of days, receive yes, but no able to send, with the help of my neighbor nI fixed the problem or more correctly was able get around it.  So if any of you recieve a Help message from me, ignor as the problem is corrected.

Friday night we went out to dinner with our Canadian friends Dwight & Lynn at a courtyard restaurant.  The waiter was very entertaining and renamed the gentlemen in our party El Rey and El Guapo, said it was easier than trying to pronounce their names.  Had a good dinner, good company, all is well and right with the world. Life is Zihuatanejo is most enjoyable.

 I’ve tried to post several pictures to illustrate much of the above, I’ll give it one last try.  I wanted the pictures in the appropriate places, but I guess I don’t know how to figure that out yet.

Author: zihuathyme

I'm a traveler, not as frequently as I would like , but I plan on doing more. After working full time at Mount Rainier National Park during the summer of 22 I have decided to retire completely and forever. Prior to that I was semi retired as a Wedding Officiant I officiated at about 20 weddings a season, and with my small delivery service I handled the distribution of a local high-quality Home and Garden magazine . Prior to my "semi retirement" I was in corrections and before that I owned and operated a bail bond agency. I now plan to travel to new places and exciting places, getting ready to do that as a solo as the Senior is no longer with me, his choice, and I am OK with that. For hobbies I'm a reader and love my kindle. And I enjoy writing.

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  1. Love it when there are pix of you w/ a local! I’m reading your older pieces cause don’t know how to find the newer ones. Sounds like you are the adventurous one in your family. Liz


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