Christmas Zihuatanejo 2021

Christmas in Mexico is noisy, loud, colorful, musical, festive and fun.

I went out for dinner Christmas Eve about 6:00 as the family party across the alley from me was just starting their festivities and the music was cranked up volume large. When I returned around 10pm the party was in full swing, music still going. I woke around 3am and the party was still going strong with the music blaring, at 5am when I got up the music had stopped, but they were still visiting, talking and laughing. I have to admire their stamina. I’m sure a good time was had by all. This is so typical of a Mexican fiesta, happy it doesn’t happen every night.

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night. Signing off KO

Christmas and More

Thanks for a great Christmas Eve

We had a wonderful and quiet Christmas. Christmas Eve we were invited for A & A (alcohol and appetizers) at good friends Faye and Paul’s apartment. Appetizers were so delicious and plentiful it definitely doubled for dinner. Christmas morning we joined friends Charles and Christine in Ixtapa for breakfast at the Krystal Hotel’s lavish buffet. A few phone calls with family but mostly the day was spent just relaxing.  Then finishing the day with turkey soup leftover from Thanksgiving. Actually a great stress free Christmas.

Saturday mornings are one of my favorite times, it is the time for the little Saturday morning market, the Ecco Tianguis (sorry my computer doesn’t spell check Spanish.

It is a home made, and organic market. It is my source of lovely gifts for my family, much of the jewelry I wear. The Senor and I always enjoy the very healthy breakfast I bring home from it. It is bright, colorful full of music and friends. Just a very happy place.

Two days before Christmas tragedy struck Zihuatanejo. IMG_0960
Children playing with fireworks hit a power line that set off a blaze that consumed 150 homes high on a hill that was difficult for the “bomberos” (Firemen) to reach. This was an area where some of the poorer folks live, but the community pulled together, both Mexican and gringo, and within 4 days enough donations had poured in to fulfill the basic needs of all the families with only 60 families remaining in temporary shelter. And the help and donations are still coming forth.

IMG_0953Everything in Zihuatanejo is labor intensive,  This is how the city streets get swept each morning.  Signing off KO


I’m getting in to a new morning routine of walking out to the pool, swimming for 30 minute then taking the bus back works for me. I’m  always amused by the differences that make Mexico so charming. On my walk to the pool I  noticed an attractive  building that was an architect and construction company, the appearance would lend credabilitycredibility  to the company. But as you look higher up the building to the second story, the attractiveness ends. The paint job only

Only half  the building  is painted
Only half the building is painted

went up half way.  The residents up stairs I guess are responsible for their exterior area. My gringo attitude says the architect  is

WeI going a dozen eggs
Weighing a dozen eggs

cheap and would cut corners.

I marvel at how eggs are sold by weight and packaged in plastic bags. But if the Senor goes out for eggs he takes a carton with him. I do marvel at the facts that eggs aren’t refrigerated here. That’s because they don’t pasteurized the eggs thereby ruining their natural protection. Lime is added to many things including  mayonnaise, especially since there is no refrigerator in many homes.

1 pidgin egg in nest
1 pidgin egg in nest

Speaking of eggs we have planters at each end of our balcony . Both had an egg in them when we arrived. In one a pidgin has been nesting on this old egg on añd off. In the last couple of days she has added quite a bit of new nesting material so maybe she is ready to lay a fresh egg. I wish her sucess. Signing off KO

Pidgin in the nest.
Pidgin in the nest.