Sunday Sweet Sunday, With Nothing To Do

Apples, bannanas, grapes and papayas

That is nothing we have to do, I don’t swim on the weekends so we had a leisurely lovely breakfast on the balcony while listening to the church bells calling the faithful. Surprisingly this is the first time we have heard the bells. The Senor is always the breakfast cook and this morning he out did himself with this marvelous fruit bowl. It would be such a healthy breakfast if we hadn’t have stuffed ourselves.

Our pigeon bathing across the street in a “tinaco”

Our morning entertainment was watching our pigeon take a bath in the neighbors water supply “tinaco”.  This is a daily event that truly amuses me.  But I have checked out the tinacos on our roof and know they are covered, no bathing birds there.

Roof top swimming hole

 another sight that amuses me is a half block away on about the 3rd floor roof is what I believe is an old cement rooftop cistern that has taken on a new life as a swimming hole. Several times I have seen kids whooping and splashing in it.

So much of Mexico is interesting and no matter how frequently I see it it never ceases to amaze and amuse me. Almost every evening there will be a couple of restaurants roasting this cut of pork over an open fire and continuing to

Mystery meat

slice little bits. Not being a meat eater I have no idea how it is served, and the Senor is not an adventurous eater this will remain “mystery meat” to us.

A day or so ago I noticed the sail boat the  PATRICIA BELLE was anchored in the bay. She was hand built by the captain just a couple of

The Patricia Belle

miles from our home in Washington. I had the opportunity to sail on her last Sail Fest and hope to do so again. She is one of the largest sailboats we see here. Signing off, KO