Quiet day in town

1 25 11 Spending a quiet day close to the apartment, our balcony is a fantastic place to read or write or have meals or cool drinks. Untill about 2 in the afternoon, then the sun is too hot until about 6 in the evcening. We have a little shopping to do today.  I saw a blouse I want, but couldn’t find the store again last night and I don’t wander too far a night alone.  So in the light of day, found the shop and bought the blouse, it looks kind of hand-woven, very light weight. Then went on to buy a dress I saw last year, just a cotton wrap around dress, but I wanted it last year and didn’t get it as it was more than I wanted to pay.  Since I still wanted it this year, I got it heck with the price  We made reservations to take a back country tour on Friday and to participate in a sailboat parade on the bay on the following Friday.

While Doyle napped I went back out and picked up a few groceries at the mercado and bought 11 eggs that were placed in a plastic bag for me to carry back to the apartment, no carton just a plastic bag.  I meant to ask for a dozen “doce,” but I slipped and said “once” and got eleven.  Eggs cost 10 pesos each, less than a dime each, not quite as good as our own, but not bad.

Went out to dinner again a La Hija del Capitian, I think it is Doyle’s favorite place, he plans to watch the super bowl there.  Their fish menu consists of 3 different types of prawns, this time I tried the coconut prawns, they were good and I’ve never been fond of coconut before. We had planned to go to Pacolo’s for music and drinks they have a two-man band of which one is from Bremerton.  He drives truck in the summer in Kitsap County and goes to Zihuatanejo every winter to play music.  Best of both worlds, I should have kept up with my music lessons! The place was too crowded, so we headed over to Bandido’s where there was a one man band who was excellent.  Very mello, played a lot of the old Frank Sinatra. Nate King Cole type standards.  Had a great evening. He came over and introduced him self during the break, which is very common here.  The musicians are very friendly with the audience. We also ran into our friend who runs Zorro’s Bar.  Most places we go we see people we know or have met.  We are beginning to feel like regulars instead of just tourists. I got  wore my new red dress with my new mexican jewelry I bought at the beach. All in it was just another day in paradise! signing off KO

Evening time in Zihuatanejo

1 20 11 Evenings in Zihuatanejo are just short of magical. It’s 9 pm, it’s just 80 degrees with a soft wind blowing, I’m sitting on our balcony overlooking the pedestrian street we are located on ( 3 blocks either direction no cars) I can see the Zocolo ( think town square) where there is always something going on.  A show of singers or dancers or fire throwing baton twirlers accompanied my a whole slew of teenage Romeos pitching woo in every dark corner.  Lots of people activity, not only in the Zocolo but lots of folks walking around as the shops are still open.  Right now I can see the fire batons being thrown in the air.  We are only a block from the Zocolo and the beach beyond.  From our third floor balcony the view is excellent.  The people here are very warm and friendly.  In the grocery store you are apt to run across someone who speaks about as much english as I speak spanish, but they want an opportunity to practise their english and they start talking to you.  Where are you from , how do you like Mexico? Today “the Senor” and I each bought a pair of pants at a store where the shopkeeper spoke quite good english, so she speaks english to me and I speak my spanish to her.  We both get to practice.  Life is very relaxed here, mannana does not mean tomorrow , just not today!  Zihuatanejo has many Americans visiting, but many more Canadians.  2 of the 3 couples in our building are Canadian.  Our building has 6 apartments finished with 1 still under construction.  They are newly renovated, very comfortable with air conditioning and internet service.  No cable TV so our sling box is doing us very well. The Senor is happy to get all the news, gloomy as it may be.  He has picked out his favorite bar for football viewing for the weekend ball games.  Speaking of bars, I’ve had to adjust, wine is too expensive here and I have had to go to margaritas.  Pity!  The Senor and I spent a couple of hours earlier today at a beach establishment watching parasailing, jet skis, kayaks and a fleet of sail boats bobbing at anchor while enoying beverages at very reasonable prices.  Like I said it is a tough life here, one month is not nearly enough.  Signing off KO