SAIL FEST: concert, chill cook off, auctions

M- Dock Band name came from the dock where their boats were parked

Wednesday night was concert with M-Dock, a Michigan based band that we have heard many times over the last few years. While we have always enjoyed the concert the venue was only so so. Food not very good and service extremely slow as probably a couple of hundred people show up. This year the venue was excellent at the Casa de Cultura but the food that a vendor was to provide was MIA and Sail fest was doing the bar and unfortunately it was running out of supplies by 9:00

Dancing to M-Dock

pm. But by that time with no

dinner and we had been enjoying wine and beer since 6:30 and even though we were dancing, it was time to leave and get food. Next year they will have the bugs worked out.

Thursday was much looked forward to chili cook off and silent auction. They had a live auction Tuesday evening, but it is a little too rich for our blood so we skip that event.

The Senor danced to much at the concert and was nursing aches and (he hasn’t moved that much and that quickly in the last year) said he wasn’t up to going out and handed me a fist of money and said enjoy the silent auction. So I did!

Friends Paul and Faye at Chili cook off and silent auction

I managed to get 6 dinners and one breakfast and a 2 hour ocean kayak adventure for me.   Had 2 mango margaritas, and with the tip went back to the apartment without a single peso, but happy. This guarantees the Senor will take me out to dinner at some new and interesting places and the money goes to a great cause, the poor children of Zihuatanejo.

As the Senor was feeling a bit better today we headed out to Playa Las Gatas. In a drawing I won tickets for the water

Me hiding under one of my many sun hats at the auction, note my nails match my ring and my straw.
Playa Las Gatas, wonderful as always.  Signing off KO

taxi so we took advantage of them today. As always we go to Gloria en Mar and visit with Jose our favorite waiter and friend. I tried the go pr again to catch some under water life, but it is a complicated camera for a non techie like me. But as always the beach and the swimming was wonderful, we ate a different type of fish today, good, but not a favorite.


It strikes me as ironic, that the floor below us flooded, not us, but the tiles in our apartment lifted.  We had been noticeing some of our floor tiles squeaked a bit as we walked over them the last couple of days and we decided to let our Arturo our landlord check out the situation. By the time he arrived two rows were peaking where they met. Arturo said they would begin work tearing out the tiles and replacing them today at 10:00 and our options were to cover everything in the room or move next door. Mt first thought was just cover every thing, it would be a chore to move everything. The Senor was emphatic that we move next door as there was no guarantee how long it would take, and the dust problem would be horrendous. So we began the chore of relocating next door. We had settled in here long enough that everything had a place and now we are in semi chaos. Although moving was a pain the Senor was right and I’m glad we did.

After getting semi settled in we went to dinner with our downstairs neighbors and friends, Will and Sylvia. We

Silvia and Will
Silvia and Will

opted to go to the new Italian place Bella something on Nicholas Bravo and H Galeana. I should pay more attention to proper names. The food was very good, most of us enjoyed the meal. After dinner I drug everyone to the little shop across the street that sells baskets and other things. I had been admiring something in there for days, I had negotiated a decent price and then got the Senor to pay for it. It will make the most wonderful Christmas gift for my oldest daughter and family. I had already decided on something for my younger daughter,( so don’t get jealous Jeanette.) The proprietors, were very gracious, and I believe they were as thrilled with the sale as I was and presented the Senor with an initialed handkerchief. We all then headed to Banditos for a drink and to listen to the marvelous Michelle La Valle. Another very pleasant evening.

Michelle Le Valle at Bandidos

We went out to breakfast the next morning and as beautiful as this breakfast was the bacon took out one of the teeth on the Senor’s plate. but by late afternoon we located a denturist who fixed it for a nominal sum of less than $30


After breakfast I had set out to find Tess at her apartment for her to teach me the wonders of skype. well not only did I learn about Skype, Telcel  Mex and many other ways to make living and staying in Mexico more enjoyable.

crowd at Chili cook off.
crowd at Chili cook off.

Thursday is the Sailfest chili cook off and auction, probably their best event. Huge attendance but we were still able to score a few dinners for 2 and one raffle. This ensures I get to go out a few times as we have to eat anyway and if it costs a few extra pesos the kids have benefited

Our room after pulling tiles and grout
Our room after pulling tiles and grout

At the end of the day our apartment is no where livable, so we head out to the “Monkey House” to get the Thursday Barbecue.  The barbecue is great, can’t say as much for orders off the menu on barbecue night. With luck they will finish our apartment tomorrow so we can move back in. My net book is giving me fits, very slow and at times totally non cooperative. sorry for the complaint, I just had to vent. Signing off KO