SAIL FEST: concert, chill cook off, auctions

M- Dock Band name came from the dock where their boats were parked

Wednesday night was concert with M-Dock, a Michigan based band that we have heard many times over the last few years. While we have always enjoyed the concert the venue was only so so. Food not very good and service extremely slow as probably a couple of hundred people show up. This year the venue was excellent at the Casa de Cultura but the food that a vendor was to provide was MIA and Sail fest was doing the bar and unfortunately it was running out of supplies by 9:00

Dancing to M-Dock

pm. But by that time with no

dinner and we had been enjoying wine and beer since 6:30 and even though we were dancing, it was time to leave and get food. Next year they will have the bugs worked out.

Thursday was much looked forward to chili cook off and silent auction. They had a live auction Tuesday evening, but it is a little too rich for our blood so we skip that event.

The Senor danced to much at the concert and was nursing aches and (he hasn’t moved that much and that quickly in the last year) said he wasn’t up to going out and handed me a fist of money and said enjoy the silent auction. So I did!

Friends Paul and Faye at Chili cook off and silent auction

I managed to get 6 dinners and one breakfast and a 2 hour ocean kayak adventure for me.   Had 2 mango margaritas, and with the tip went back to the apartment without a single peso, but happy. This guarantees the Senor will take me out to dinner at some new and interesting places and the money goes to a great cause, the poor children of Zihuatanejo.

As the Senor was feeling a bit better today we headed out to Playa Las Gatas. In a drawing I won tickets for the water

Me hiding under one of my many sun hats at the auction, note my nails match my ring and my straw.
Playa Las Gatas, wonderful as always.  Signing off KO

taxi so we took advantage of them today. As always we go to Gloria en Mar and visit with Jose our favorite waiter and friend. I tried the go pr again to catch some under water life, but it is a complicated camera for a non techie like me. But as always the beach and the swimming was wonderful, we ate a different type of fish today, good, but not a favorite.


Chili cook off crowd
Chili cook off crowd

The chili cook off and street fair has grown, expanded and occupied two blocks from in front of the Barracruda to clear into the next block.  What a great event! There was a great variety of chili to choose from with a large variety of ingredients. With the large crowd it went quick.IMG_5596IMG_5595

The silent auction had a huge selection of items, with tables closing about every half hour.  Were were able to pick up 2 or 3 dinners from a variety of restaurants that we have never before been to. And I picked up some very unique place mats for the RV from the street fair where there was a large variety of crafts to choose from.

Street fair crafts
Street fair crafts
Friends enjoying beer and margarita's
Friends enjoying beer and margarita’s

We sat and visited with friends enjoying the extremely  delicious 2 for one margaritas and the 15 cent beer far too long which caused me to need to go to bed early and miss Jimmi Mamou’s birthday party at Galeana’s.  But the Senor attended  and other local musicians came and sang happy birthday to him and Allan sat down and played back up guitar with him.

Happy Birthday Jimi Mamou
Happy Birthday Jimi Mamou

Morning arrived later than usually for me just enough time to get ready to go sailing.  I think there were twice as many participants as there had been in previous years, but the event is well organized and soon we were all boarded into pangas to get to our assigned boats.  I IMG_5665was on the the Tisha Baby with most gracious hosts Richard and Pam. My fellow passengers were two couples traveling together, one from Calif and one from Arizona, and 3 women from Chicago, mom, daughter and daughters best friend.  Fun company.  The Senor did not accompany me as  being a career navy man gave him plenty of time at sea.  Almost immediately after getting underway my hat blew off and I turned to see it bobbing away in the water.  And of course it was one of my favorite hats. Our 1st mate saw what happened and radioed the boats behind us to pick up the hat if they could.  A few minutes later i was informed that the rescue was successful.  But I sort of wondered how I would retrieve it from what ever boat was kind enough to picked it out of the sea. Well I was soon to find out.

The rescue boat
The rescue boat

We paraded out to Ixtapa, then every boat was on their own to choose what they would do for the rest of the after noon.  We choose to head out and fish, but before we did the “Northern Passage” radioed the would come abreast and pass my hat over.  So a good samaritan on the northern passage a leaned way out with my hat in hand, while our first mate held out a grappling hook. successfully hooked my hat and brought it on board.

My hat on the end of a grappling hook being rescued.
My hat on the end of a grappling hook being rescued.

“Rescue at sea” complete and my hat safely back on my head, but this time with the chin strap secured. A most relaxing day, sailing the deep blue sea. Ended the day with lobster taco’s, yummm!  Signing off KO

Sail parade to Ixtapa
Sail parade to Ixtapa