My “Dance Card” is Full

One of the great things about Zihuatanejo is you can be a busy as possible or not. Busy one week relax and refresh the next. The opportunities are there. This has been one of my busiest weeks.

My Sunday begins as it often does with a day at Escollera enjoying friends and the lovely infinity pool.

Monday was a lovely at home day on my balcony where I can read, watch the busy Mexican street life or enjoy the company of a couple of the roof cats who visit with me frequently.

Tuesdays are usually spent with lunching with an ebb and flow of ladies who are here full time or full season at one of our favorite beach front restaurants. For me it is frequently followed by a swim in the lovely salt water of the ocean where you float effortlessly.

Thursday was a day on the bay sailing swimming and snorkeling and enjoying Zihuatanejo’s exquisite sunset.

Snorkeling off Playa Las Gatas saw more colorful fish this day than I have ever seen before
Even a small school of dolphins joined us

And it’s only Friday, but I have plans to go dancing tonight with friends and Saturday is dinner with other friends.

And folks wonder why I am so happy here! Everyday here is an adventure where you can choose to participate or not. Go out and do or stay home, relax, curl up with a good book, walk the beach. For me it’s as close to paradise as it can be.

Signing off KO


On the best of days it is difficult  for me to disembark the water taxi  on the Zihuatanejo side. The pier is way to high, it takes 3 men and a small boy to haul me up from the boat.  Don’t get me wrong, I really appreciate the help. But this year due to the very recent knee replacement my knee just isn’t bending properly yet. And the thought of having someone yank me up to the pier causing my knee to bend more than it wants to is terrifying.  But I love Las Gattas , swimming to there was out of the question as I have a great fear of twirling propellers and  I decided the best way to go was to was to paddle there.

My friend Bonny thought it would be great fun, so we rented two kayaks and set sail.  The Senior, not up for such an adventure, took the water taxi and he met us there. The beach at La Madera had big waves that day but  Andreas took us out and showed us

20171205_095801 Bonny
Bonny paddling

when to start paddling to get over the waves and it was easy going from there. It was a beautiful sunny day, while the water was not flat it wasn’t too choppy either.  About 40 minutes later we were pulling up in front of Gloria del Mar and my favorite waiter Jose pulled us in and stored the kayaks out of the way.

IMG_0570It wasn’t long after the Senior arrived and we had a lovely lunch of red snapper, I tried out my new full face snorkel mask. I think I’m really going to like it.  I’m great in the water, but I can’t back onto the beach. Between the waves pulling me back, sand moving under my feet and stiff knees I feel a bit  like a beached whale and needed the senior to come haul me up to a standing position.



With Jose’s help we relaunched the kayaks and paddled our way back to Playa La Madera. Here again we had breaking waves to deal with and I have to admit that Bonnie made a perfect landing, whereas I came in a little to much sideways causing my back pack to get a bit wet, but no harm.  Next year I’ll remember to bring a dry sack.  Signing off KO


SAIL FEST: concert, chill cook off, auctions

M- Dock Band name came from the dock where their boats were parked

Wednesday night was concert with M-Dock, a Michigan based band that we have heard many times over the last few years. While we have always enjoyed the concert the venue was only so so. Food not very good and service extremely slow as probably a couple of hundred people show up. This year the venue was excellent at the Casa de Cultura but the food that a vendor was to provide was MIA and Sail fest was doing the bar and unfortunately it was running out of supplies by 9:00

Dancing to M-Dock

pm. But by that time with no

dinner and we had been enjoying wine and beer since 6:30 and even though we were dancing, it was time to leave and get food. Next year they will have the bugs worked out.

Thursday was much looked forward to chili cook off and silent auction. They had a live auction Tuesday evening, but it is a little too rich for our blood so we skip that event.

The Senor danced to much at the concert and was nursing aches and (he hasn’t moved that much and that quickly in the last year) said he wasn’t up to going out and handed me a fist of money and said enjoy the silent auction. So I did!

Friends Paul and Faye at Chili cook off and silent auction

I managed to get 6 dinners and one breakfast and a 2 hour ocean kayak adventure for me.   Had 2 mango margaritas, and with the tip went back to the apartment without a single peso, but happy. This guarantees the Senor will take me out to dinner at some new and interesting places and the money goes to a great cause, the poor children of Zihuatanejo.

As the Senor was feeling a bit better today we headed out to Playa Las Gatas. In a drawing I won tickets for the water

Me hiding under one of my many sun hats at the auction, note my nails match my ring and my straw.

Playa Las Gatas, wonderful as always.  Signing off KO

taxi so we took advantage of them today. As always we go to Gloria en Mar and visit with Jose our favorite waiter and friend. I tried the go pr again to catch some under water life, but it is a complicated camera for a non techie like me. But as always the beach and the swimming was wonderful, we ate a different type of fish today, good, but not a favorite.